Wisconsin Parents Build Back Better Thanks to Child Tax Credit, No Thanks to WI Republicans 

Oct 15, 2021


October 15, 2021

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Wisconsin Parents Build Back Better Thanks to Child Tax Credit, No Thanks to WI Republicans 

MADISON, Wis. — Today, thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, parents across Wisconsin are seeing another round of payments from the expanded Child Tax Credit. These payments were funded by the American Rescue Plan, which provided additional relief of up to $1,600 per child to the families of nearly 1.2 million children in Wisconsin. The expanded payments are also expected to lift 46,000 Wisconsin children out of poverty. This expanded middle-class tax cut echoes Gov. Evers’ commitment to cutting taxes for families across the state — earlier this year he signed a $450 million small business tax cut and provided more than $2 billion in individual income tax relief for middle-class Wisconsinites. Since taking office, Gov. Evers has cut middle-class taxes by a cumulative 15 percent.

“This expanded middle-class tax cut is President Biden delivering on his promise to build back better,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin interim Executive Director Devin Remiker. “Whether parents are using these payments to put food on the table or pay for child care, we know that all families are better off thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress. Republicans, who stood in unified opposition to the American Rescue Plan, should be ashamed for taking a partisan stance in the fight against child poverty.”

Here’s what parents across the state are saying about President Biden’s middle-class tax cut:

UpNorthNews: GOP States Are Getting a Big Chunk of Biden’s Popular Child Tax Credit — Wisconsin Also Above Average

  • “As a new round of monthly child tax credit payments goes to around 35 million American families, a Reuters analysis found Wisconsin is among the states where households are receiving higher-than-average benefits from the expanded credit which was also converted into monthly checks by President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. A Reuters/Ipsos poll also found the expanded credit and payments enjoy broad public support.”

WisBusiness: Main Street Alliance: Wisconsin small biz supports enhanced child tax credit

  • “Corrine Hendrickson, owner of Corrine’s Little Explorers in New Glarus, shared how the enhanced child tax credit is helping: ‘As a parent the expanded child care tax credit has helped me keep my growing teenage boys clothed, fed, and sheltered. My friends with younger children have commented that it is helping offset child care costs allowing them to keep working since they now aren’t using their entire paycheck.’” 


  • “Macy Buhler, owner of Yahara River Learning Center in DeForest also comments: ‘It is helping parents afford extra costs related to the pandemic…it has been a lifeline.’”

PBS Wisconsin: What an Expanded Child Tax Credit Means for Two Madison Mothers

  • “Despite the financial pressures these work struggles placed on her family, she considered herself ‘blessed’ for still having a job when so many others lost theirs. But for Campbell, even a couple extra hundred dollars every month would have made a big difference.”


  • “‘It would be amazing,’ she said. ‘Bills would be on time, I wouldn’t have to figure out, am I going to pay for the kids to be able to go to school with the internet? Or should I worry about the food?’”

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