Madison Mayor, County Supervisor, and WisDems Tout Biden, Democrats’ Accomplishments Ahead of State of the Union 

Mar 01, 2022


March 1, 2022

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Madison Mayor, County Supervisor, and WisDems Tout Biden, Democrats’ Accomplishments Ahead of State of the Union 

MADISON, Wis. – Today, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and Dane County Supervisor Anthony Gray joined Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler to discuss the ways President Biden and Vice President Harris have worked to cut costs for Wisconsin’s working families, create good-paying jobs, support Main Street businesses, and deliver historic funding to improve Wisconsin’s infrastructure.

Speakers celebrated the progress the Biden-Harris administration has made to build a better Wisconsin, citing federal dollars that have funded projects here in Madison, across the state, and country, while calling out GOP Sen. Ron Johnson and Republican lawmakers who have repeatedly voted against lowering costs for families, creating new jobs, and providing clean drinking water to every household in the Badger State.


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler:

“Across our state, Wisconsinites are saying thank you to President Biden for his leadership, for his fortitude, and for his values – fighting to deliver for middle-class Wisconsinites. Americans need to know that the Biden administration’s top economic priorities have been to create a growing economy that works for everyone, and they are succeeding.”

“Just this week, we saw what the Republican agenda actually is. One of the leading Republicans in the Senate, who is in charge of the platform that all of the Republican Senate candidates will run on – including our very own Ron Johnson – a guy named Rick Scott, Senator from Florida, he laid out a blueprint for Republican policymaking if Republicans get power. And what was their proposal? It was to raise taxes on half of the people in America including seniors and retirees….It’s exactly wrong for America and it’s the exact opposite of President Biden’s agenda.” 

Dane County Supervisor Anthony Gray:

“Tonight, we’re going to hear from our president, and he’s going to talk about how he’s led a historic economic recovery. It’s important to recognize that this is not just a concept of something that’s happening in Washington – it’s being felt right here on the ground in Wisconsin, in Madison, in my district. So this is real and it’s going to be very exciting to hear him talk about how the Biden-Harris administration has brought these resources to bear at the municipal level.”

“[The American Rescue Plan] has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of families, and it’s important to recognize that Mayor Rhodes-Conway and Governor Evers have worked very hard to make sure that these resources – as they come into our city and our county – are allocated to the places where they’re going to have the greatest impact on the most number of lives.”

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway:

“I am delighted to be here to say thank you to President Biden and Vice President Harris. It’s really remarkable to think back on how much things changed for the city of Madison when they came into office.” 

“Tonight, we’ll be hearing from the president about how the Biden-Harris administration is working to cut costs for working families right here in the city of Madison, in Dane county, across the state of Wisconsin, and across the country. They’ve been working to deliver a once-in-a-generational investment in our infrastructure – and as mayor of Madison, I’ve been able to experience this impact first hand, as we’ve worked to distribute federal funds and make progress on the most critical issues that we’re facing here in Wisconsin.”