Mayor Barrett, State. Rep. Christine Sinicki, DPW Black Caucus Vice Chair Stacy Clark: Gov. Evers, Democrats Deliver on Pandemic Aid in Milwaukee

Oct 08, 2021


October 8, 2021

Contact: WisDems Press 

Mayor Barrett, State. Rep. Christine Sinicki, DPW Black Caucus Vice Chair Stacy Clark: Gov. Evers, Democrats Deliver on Pandemic Aid in Milwaukee

Democrats Detail How Evers’ Investments From Biden’s American Rescue Plan Will Benefit Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wis. — Today, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, state Rep. Christine Sinicki, and WisDems Black Caucus Vice Chair Stacy Clark joined Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler to discuss Gov. Evers’ and Democrats’ record on delivering pandemic relief to businesses and working families. 

“Governor Evers has prioritized getting money into the hands of small businesses to make sure that folks keep and grow their jobs and to working families so they can stay afloat during turbulent times. Thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which passed through Congress with no support from Republicans like Ron Johnson, Governor Evers has been able to deliver much-needed relief to small businesses, vital industries like tourism and agriculture, our public schools, and into our cities and counties,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler.

The American Rescue Plan provided Wisconsin with a transformational $2.68 billion in state relief, plus $1.59 billion for K-12 schools and stimulus checks for 89% of adults in the state.

Read more about how Gov. Evers has distributed the money so far below.

Stacy Clark, WisDems Black Caucus Vice Chair: “When we’re allocating funds from state and federal relief, our leaders must look at it through an equity lens…. Just this week, Gov. Evers announced two new grant programs totaling $75 million to support businesses in communities disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

“Wisconsin Democrats and Gov. Tony Evers are committed to making sure that all communities across the state, no matter what zip code you live in, have the full capacity to bounce back during and after this pandemic.”

State Rep. Christine Sinicki: “As a member of the Assembly Committee on Workforce Development, I know just how important it is to help our communities and businesses develop initiatives for the challenges caused by the pandemic. From his first day in the Oval Office, President Biden got to work in providing federal relief to us. And thanks to their partnership and Governor Evers’ leadership, we’ve been able to help our businesses and workers who were hit so very hard by this pandemic.”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett: “President Biden has created a wonderful partnership with local governments, not just here in the state of Wisconsin, but throughout this entire nation. Today, we’re focusing on the partnership with the states and the work that he has done with Governor Evers, which has translated into an even stronger relationship between the governor and local governments here in the state of Wisconsin. You’ve heard about a couple of the programs that have already helped local communities – one of them is the grant that helps neighborhoods throughout a $200 million grant program that just hit the street this past week. Right now, we are identifying catalytic projects here in the city that are going to be able to be funded by the American Rescue Plan, through the partnership we have with Gov. Evers in the state of Wisconsin.”