Republicans’ Extremism on Full Display During WisGOP Convention

May 23, 2022

Republicans’ Extremism on Full Display During WisGOP Convention

MADISON, Wis. – Last weekend, the Republican Party of Wisconsin gathered for their state convention and embraced a radical agenda that alienates a majority of Wisconsin voters and panders to Trumpian extremism.

While Republicans continue to push a dangerous ultra-MAGA agenda, Wisconsin Democrats remain laser-focused on lowering costs for working families:

CBS 58: Wisconsin Democrats call out Republicans for their “extremist views”

“‘Governor Evers wakes up trying to do the right thing for Wisconsinites,’ said Ben Wikler, Democratic Party chair. ‘These Republicans’ candidates for governor seem to want to do the most extreme thing to appeal to Donald Trump.’

“‘When you have candidates who pander to the extremes, you have to wonder who are they really working for,’ said State Rep. Dianne Hesselbein, Democrat of Middleton. ‘Are they working or you, or the ultra MAGA wing of the party only.’

“Democrats specifically attacked them for their stances on the 2020 election and abortion.”

WisPolitics: Wikler on ‘UpFront’ says Dem Party to offer sharp contrast to GOP at state convention

“State Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler says he’s preparing to offer a sharp contrast from Republicans when state Democrats hold their convention in La Crosse in June.

“‘It’s such a contrast from the kind of chaos and extremism and leap-frogging into the far right that we’ve seen from the Republicans and which was on display this weekend,’ Wikler said on WISN’s ‘UpFront,’ which is produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com. ‘The Democratic convention really demonstrates that the Democratic Party is the big tent, mainstream party in our state and the Republican convention unfortunately we’ve just seen how far right a lot of these candidates are willing to go.’

“Wikler said the party conventions still hold a place in modern-day politics.

“‘The interesting thing about party conventions is that they showcase the way the parties actually speak to themselves, and at the Democratic convention you’re going to see candidates who are talking about how to bring costs down for people that are struggling with inflation,’ Wikler said. ‘You’re going to see people talking about common sense issues, about how to expand health care and ensuring we don’t go back to 1849 with this extreme ban on access to abortion.’”

La Crosse Tribune: State GOP party not endorsing a gubernatorial candidate heading into August primary

“Speaking with reporters outside the convention in front of a mobile billboard that read ‘GOP Dumpster Fire,’ Democratic Party of Wisconsin chair Ben Wikler said ‘Republicans are at each other’s throats trying to figure out who can be most extreme.’

“‘Throughout this governor’s race, we’ve seen a group of four Republican candidates leapfrog each other further and further to the extreme and radical right,’ Wikler said.”