Wisconsin Republicans Vote Against Funding For Emergency Baby Formula 

May 24, 2022

Wisconsin Republicans Vote Against Funding For Emergency Baby Formula 

MADISON, Wis. – Last week, every Wisconsin Republican in the U.S. House voted against emergency funding to address the shortage of infant formula in the United States. Every Wisconsin Democrat voted for the bill. 

“The Wisconsin Republican Party is even worse than ‘all talk and no action’ – Republican politicians are feigning outrage about problems and then actively voting to block Democrats from addressing those very problems,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler.  “In what is becoming an unfortunate pattern, the Wisconsin GOP’s only focus is exploiting families’ struggles for their own political gain, and Wisconsinites are suffering as a result.”

Across the state, Wisconsinites are reading about how Republican politicians betrayed Wisconsin parents:

WHBL: Wisconsin GOP Representatives Vote Against $28 Million Baby Formula Bill

“Despite opposition from many Republicans, a bill to spend $28 million for increased oversite [sic] and distribution of baby formula has passed in the House.

“Just 12 Republicans voted yes on the bill, and none of those ayes came from members of the Wisconsin GOP delegation.”

Wisconsin Radio Network: Wisconsin House delegation votes on baby formula bills

“The U.S. House on Wednesday approved $28 million in emergency funding to help address the baby formula shortage.

“The bill will provide funding for stepped up Food and Drug Administration oversight of formula production and distribution. It passed with only 12 Republican votes, none from Wisconsin Republicans.”

UpNorthNews: Wisconsin Republicans Vote Against Preventing Future Baby Formula Dangers. Tiffany and Johnson: Blame Immigrants.

“Every single Wisconsin Republican in the US House of Representatives voted against a bill on Wednesday that aims to ensure the ongoing shortage of baby formula doesn’t happen again. 

“Reps. Tom Tiffany, Bryan Steil, Scott Fitzgerald, Mike Gallagher, and Glenn Grothman all voted against the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, a bill that would provide $28 million for the US Food and Drug Administration to hire more formula inspectors to improve oversight of formula production and prevent fraudulent products from hitting store shelves.”