Republicans’ Vote Against Paying Wisconsin’s Service Members and Veterans

Oct 05, 2021


October 5, 2021

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Republicans’ Vote Against Paying Wisconsin’s Service Members and Veterans

MADISON, Wis. — Despite adding nearly $8 trillion in debt under the Trump administration, Republicans in Congress have repeatedly voted against Democrats’ attempts to fund our government and to raise the debt ceiling as the country continues to recover from the pandemic made worse by Republican incompetence. Their decision to play partisan political games could send our recovering economy into a tailspin and have devastating implications for Wisconsin residents — and is an affront to the more than 1,000 military personnel and over 363,000 veterans who call Wisconsin home.

As House Republicans — including Wisconsin’s own Reps. Grothman, Gallagher, and Tiffany — voted against efforts to pay for spending lawmakers have already approved, the Department of Defense was forced to prepare for a shutdown that would leave around 1.3 million active-duty military personnel without pay

“Each and every day, our military personnel and their families serve our nation, protecting us from harm and showing what it means to sacrifice in the name of service. The GOP’s willingness to risk their paychecks and benefits by refusing to fund our government is a slap in the face to those who sacrifice so much for our country,” said WisDems Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg. “It’s time that Republicans in Congress put country over politics and ensure that our men and women in uniform get paid.”

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