Wisconsin Gets Preview of Messy GOP Primary as Nicholson Announcement Falls Flat

Jul 27, 2017

Yesterday, Kevin Nicholson announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seat. His campaign’s rollout was… messy and already full of primary infighting. 

Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel commented on the campaign’s poor planning.

And Jason Stein of the same publication concurred.

Meanwhile, AP’s Scott Bauer first reported Nicholson’s future opponent questioning his conservative credentials:
And Politico’s Kevin Robillard noted the nasty Republican primary had already begun:

Mark Belling tried to give Nicholson the benefit of the doubt, but did tell Nichoslon, “Some might suggest you don’t know enough to be a Senator.” He went on to comment, “This pac that’s been set up to support, well this independent PAC set up by Richard Uihlein of the Uline Corporation, he may intend to spend millions in the Republican primary on your behalf, is your candidacy simply a vehicle for Uihlein to get one of his, someone that he admires, into the Senate?”