Wisconsin Health Care Professionals "Dismayed" by Schimel and Walker's Lawsuit to Gut Health Care Protections

Sep 11, 2018

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September 11, 2018
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Wisconsin Health Care Professionals “Dismayed” by Schimel and Walker’s Lawsuit to Gut Health Care Protections

Health insurers in Wisconsin sure are upset about Brad Schimel and Scott Walker’s lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Talking to reporter Guy Boulton of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, they had a lot to say:

“The market would just be in chaos,” said Karen Bender, an actuary and president of Snowway Actuarial and Healthcare Consulting in Little Suamico, near Green Bay.

Marty Anderson, chief marketing officer for Security Health Plan, said the same. “There would be chaos in the entire insurance market across the nation,” Anderson said. “That is the only way to describe it.”

The states’ request for an injunction nonetheless baffles some people in the industry. “I don’t understand what the end game is,” said Anderson of Security Health, an affiliate of Marshfield Clinic.

“Insurers don’t like uncertainty,” said Bender of Snowway Actuarial and Healthcare Consulting, “and this is the epitome of uncertainty.

Brad Schimel filed the lawsuit with Scott Walker’s approval in February. If successful, the lawsuit could gut protections for the estimated 2.4 million Wisconsinites with preexisting conditions.


“More than two million Wisconsinites live with pre-existing conditions, and Brad Schimel and Scott Walker are jeopardizing health care access for all of them. This lawsuit makes sense to no one, not insurers, not health care professionals, and certainly not the millions of Wisconsinites who could be stripped of health care access if this lawsuit is successful. Wisconsinites deserve leaders who will fight to ensure their families have access to affordable, quality care.”

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