Wisconsin Values vs. the Republican Party

Dec 05, 2017

Walker and Ryan must denounce Trump & RNC for propping up Republican Moore 

Wisconsin Republicans can stand with women or they can condone the behavior of the Republican Party and president toward an alleged serial sexual predator up for election next week

MADISON — The Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning is calling on Gov. Scott Walker and Speaker Paul Ryan to immediately denounce President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee for supporting Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“Scott Walker and Paul Ryan must immediately condemn Trump and the RNC in the strongest possible terms because anything less is an unprecedented display of cowardice,” said Laning. “It shows the people of Wisconsin that they tacitly approve of sexual harassment so long as it benefits them politically.”

In the wake of numerous, highly credible and corroborated allegations of pedophilia, sexual harassment and sexual assault, Ryan and Walker asked Moore to step aside. But now they both stand silent as Trump endorses Moore and the RNC resumes funneling Republican money to Moore’s campaign.

Both Wisconsin Republican leaders recently floundered and made excuses for not taking a stand against the president’s admitted sexual assault, recorded on tape.

Walker: “That’s what’s before us right now,” referring to the allegations against Moore.
Ryan: “I’m focused on Congress. Roy Moore is trying to come to Congress.”

By those standards, Walker and Ryan cannot ignore Trump and their party’s renewed support of alleged predator Moore.

“Gov. Walker and Speaker Ryan, you have a choice: stand with the women and girls of Wisconsin and America, or allow the Republican Party and Republican president to prop up a morally bankrupt man accused of serial sexual assault and harassment,” said Laning.

“The Alabama election is a week from today. Will you take the issue of sexual assault and harassment seriously or will you choose to put your party ahead of core Wisconsin values?”