WisDems Release New Web Video Highlighting Senator Ron Johnson’s Inattention to Wisconsin

Aug 10, 2015

While Senator Ron Johnson is under an ethical cloud of allegations he used his official Senate website for campaign purposes, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is highlighting the out-of-touch politician’s refusal to listen to or fight for Wisconsinites.

The video, entitled “Senator Ron Johnson: Not Listening To Wisconsin, Not Fighting For Wisconsin,” features comments from Wisconsinites and journalists who don’t see Senator Johnson getting around Wisconsin and recognize his fondness for Washington D.C. 

Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says of Senator Johnson, “I get the sense that he likes Washington. He ran as someone who was running against Washington last time, but I get the sense that he likes going on cable shows, he likes his house there, he enjoys the U.S. Senate.”

A Wisconsinite on a telephone town hall says of Senator Johnson, “We never see you. The only time I’ve ever read that you were doing town halls, it’s always over the phone, and you totally control everything that’s going on.”

Though he now promises to visit all 72 counties in 2015, Johnson has been an infrequent presence around the state, instead conducting constituent “outreach” largely through controlled telephone town halls and mobile office hours conducted by his staff.

“Senator Ron Johnson campaigned on being a ‘citizen legislator’ who would travel the state and listen to Wisconsinites, but after five years in office he’s just another D.C. insider and shill for the millionaires and billionaires who helped him get elected,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff said Monday. “Johnson is ignoring the needs of Wisconsin families while using his office for campaign activities and to defend his increasingly damaging political positions. Wisconsin deserves a senator who will listen to us and fight for us.”