With Friends Like These…Republicans Slam Walker’s Corrections Record Again

Sep 06, 2018

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September 6, 2018
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With Friends Like These…Republicans Slam Walker’s Corrections Record Again

Scott Walker’s criminal justice record is under fire yet again. And just like before, it’s Republicans doing the criticizing.
Yesterday, Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald said he was “very disappointed” with Walker’s handling of the Lincoln Hills debacle, calling it “a mess.” Walker has been widely criticized for ignoring the problems at the juvenile facility. Several weeks ago, Assembly Leader Robin Vos said he was “shocked” that Walker refuses to even visit a Wisconsin prison.  
When the leadership of his own party won’t defend Walker, you know his failures are simply indefensible. But that wasn’t the last Republican headache for Walker. 
Speaking about his new memoir at Marquette, former GOP Governor Tommy Thompson was sharply critical of the sad state of Wisconsin’s correctional system and called for major reforms.
“Scott Walker’s management of Wisconsin’s correctional system has been so inept, not even Republicans can defend it,” said DPW Spokeswoman Courtney Beyer. “Walker let these criminal justice issues fester for years and now Wisconsin has a ‘mess’ on its hands. With Republicans more than willing to throw Walker under the bus for his failed corrections record, the Governor needs to answer for his failures.”