Yacht Sale Primary Bidders: Wisconsinites deserve to know: Do you support Paul Ryan and Senate Republicans proposed cuts to health care?

Jun 20, 2017

This week, as the Republican Washington establishment continues to meet behind closed doors, deviously devising how to eliminate affordable health care for millions of Americans while giving huge tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest among us, GOP contenders for Senate have stood silent. The voters of Wisconsin deserve to know where these potential candidates for Senate stand on this critical issue. 
Based on their past actions and statements, we can certainly guess where they come down on gutting access to health care for millions of Americans. 
Since State Senator Leah Vukmir has plenty of experience shunning public input and cutting deals behind closed doors, she must support the lack of hearings for the Senate GOP bill. She has also said she supports rolling back Obamacare, while not advocating replacing it, claiming, ‘we know how to take care of our own’. 
As conservative radio host Vicky McKenna has documented, Nicole Schneider has retweeted praise of Obamacare in the past and she has retweeted an article that was critical of Paul Ryan while speculating that he wouldn’t create a more transparent environment in the House. She has been noticeably silent on whether she approves of the current secrecy Senate Republicans are using to dismantle a health care bill that it appears she once supported.  
And last but not least, political opportunist Kevin Nicholson has been very quiet on where he stands. Would he support Wisconsin’s own Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan that would create an age tax, eliminates protections for adults and children with pre-existing conditions and is expected to cut coverage for 23 million people nationwide? Perhaps he’s waiting for poll results to tell him which side to take.
“Leah Vukmir’s record makes it clear she’s perfectly happy to cut healthcare coverage for Wisconsinites in secret and Eric Hovde has already said he’d vote for Paul Ryan’s version of Trumpcare,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Brandon Weathersby. “One can only assume that real Republicans would support Wisconsin’s own Speaker Ryan’s version of Trumpcare and if they don’t deny their support, it’s reasonable to assume that both Nicholson and Schneider, if they are the Republicans that they claim to be, support Paul Ryan’s bill too.”