Huh. Yet Another Kevin Nicholson-Roy Moore Connection

Apr 17, 2018

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
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Huh. Yet Another Kevin Nicholson-Roy Moore Connection

Months after the alleged sexual predator’s dramatic loss, Moore’s boosters continue to line up behind Kevin Nicholson

MADISON — This week, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, a right-wing group that supported alleged serial sexual predator Roy Moore during his failed U.S. Senate campaign in Alabama, cropped up in Wisconsin’s own U.S. Senate race — this time, in support of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson.

Yes, months after Moore’s loss in Alabama’s December U.S. Senate election, Roy Moore-connected groups and individuals are still flocking to support Kevin Nicholson — and Nicholson is apparently feeling the love, tweeting his thanks at the group’s chair, who previously praised Moore as “a strong conservative.”

Here’s a rundown of Kevin Nicholson’s Roy Moore ties:

  • Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund — And then there’s Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, funded by more $3 million from — who else? — Dick Uihlein. The group endorsed Roy Moore in September 2017 — the same month that Uihlein gave the group $1,000,000. And now, seven months later, they’re declaring for another Uihlein candidate, Kevin Nicholson, in Wisconsin’s GOP U.S. Senate primary. Yes, the group’s chair, who once dubbed alleged child predator Roy Moore “a strong conservative” is now heralding Wisconsin’s own Kevin Nicholson as a the “clear” choice for conservatives. Who could have seen that coming?
“Kevin Nicholson never cleanly cut ties with key figures behind Roy Moore’s candidacy, so it’s no surprise that he continues to attract Moore boosters — especially given Nicholson and Moore’s shared millions in support from Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein,” said Brad Bainum, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race.