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DPW Caucuses are a great way to get involved in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin while focusing on issues of special interest to you. They provide members with the unique opportunity to make connections and build relationships within our DPW family.

Current DPW members can join any of our caucuses at no additional cost either by signing up with a caucus officer or by signing up below:

Chair: Ryan Greendeer

American Indian Caucus

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin's American Indian Caucus is an organization created by and for American Indians. Its mission is to support and enhance the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and elect Democrats; to include, inform, empower, and educate all American Indian people, nations, and communities in the political process; increase voter participation; provide resources, forums, and information to Wisconsin's Democratic candidates, recruit Indian candidates; work with Democratic elected officials and allies; train American Indian communities about the political process and structure; collect and compile data and other information for Wisconsin American Indian Tribes, communities, and organizations, and provide services that enhance and support American Indian sovereignty in Wisconsin.

Contacts: Angelito Tenorio and Anthony Dare

Asian American Pacific Islander Caucus (ad hoc status)

The AAPI Caucus is in the process of being formed and currently has an ad hoc status within DPW. If you are interested in joining the caucus, please reach out to the contacts listed, Angelito Tenorio at tenorio630@gmail.com, 414-737-0210, and Anthony Dare at dareanthony15@gmail.com and 847-322-5601

Chair: Michelle Bryant

Black Caucus

Members of the caucus shall exhibit and bear witness to a concern for the socio-political issues and concerns confronting the black community in Wisconsin, America and abroad. The caucus is open to all people who support issues concerning the black community.

Chair: David Shorr

Environmental Caucus

The Environmental Caucus welcomes all WisDems who want to help us build and disseminate the political case for why Democratic candidates in Wisconsin are more trustworthy environmental stewards than their GOP rivals. Our focus is on spreading forceful political messages to shape voters' perceptions of the two parties. Bottom line: if you care about the environment, you should elect Democrats.

Chair: Christine Sinicki

Labor Caucus

The Labor caucus is open to all people who support issues concerning Organized Labor and Unions. A member must be in good standing with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Chair: Carmen Cabrera

Latino Caucus

The mission of the Latino Caucus is to inspire Latinos to actively participate in the entire political process and thereby unite the Latino Democrats in the State of Wisconsin, namely by: expanding Latino voter registration and turnout at elections; increasing the political power and influence of Latino Democrats within the Democratic Party of Wisconsin; proposing and/or supporting legislation and government action that reflect and protect the best interests of the Latino community; and recruiting and electing qualified Latino candidates for public office. The Caucus is open to any member of the DPW who supports the issues and goals of the Latino Caucus. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm. Please meet at 739 W. Juneau Avenue in Milwaukee.

Chair: Danny Garcia

LGBT Caucus

The Mission Statement for the LGBT Caucus is to work on behalf of the DPW to recruit new members and volunteers, raise funds, and fight for democratic victories across the state and nationally; to amplify the voices of LGBT Wisconsinites inside the DPW, advocate for clearer and more progressive policies, support and encourage LGBT-inclusive legislation, and ensure the DPW’s continued commitment to serving our diverse and beautiful community; and to encourage LGBT-positive legislation, to advocate for openly LGBT candidates and allies at all levels, and to work with groups who want to collaborate on legislation with the DPW. Caucus membership is open to any member-in-good-standing with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Chair: John Stanley

Progressive Caucus

Our caucus is one of internal reflection. We strive toward being a force within the D.P.W, that promotes transparency, fairness, equity, equilibrium, and collaborative contemplation and action within the party. Dedicated to the ideas that the values of, social justice, economic equality, environment, education, healthcare, election integrity, fair representation and infrastructure of our states services and means of transportation are interrelated and that they are the corner stones of the State’s General welfare. With the firm belief in progressive motion and inspired and with direction of our state Motto and philosophy, “FORWARD”, we commit to the Progressive spirit of Wisconsin.
608-444-8739 alwayssinging3@h...

Chair: Nate Timm

Rural Caucus

The purpose of the DPW Rural Caucus is to nurture connections between communities of people who may, or may not yet, vote Democratic in Wisconsin’s non-urban areas. Our intent is to engage local people to determine the issues and priorities that matter to them, and to ensure sustainable rural life and progressive values throughout all of Wisconsin. The approach of the DPW Rural Caucus will be to work to help turn even the reddest counties blue for decades to come.
608-220-0139 nptimm571@gmail....

Chair: David Boetcher

Veterans Caucus

The Veterans Caucus offers encouragement to veterans, their families and other supporters to become proactive within the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Caucus members are asked to recruit veterans as candidates and work to retain current Democratic office holders. The Veterans Caucus will keep its membership informed by providing direct lines of communication to legislators and candidates. This caucus will speak in a strong, clear voice on issues of concern to the veteran community. We will remind those who seek a role in government that veterans’ service and sacrifice make it all possible. You can help. Please join us today!
608-334-0462 dboetcher@yahoo....

Chair: Shonita Roach

Women's Caucus

The purpose of the DPW Women’s Caucus is to promote women’s involvement in all levels of the political process. The caucus will also address issues specific to women such as healthcare, employment, education and gender equity.
608-509-1645 svictoriascott@y...

Co-chair: Adam Brabender

Disability Caucus

The DPW Disability Caucus offers a voice in the party for those who have not been heard. We will help our members get the most out of the membership by hearing concerns from our community and advocating for their needs at the state and party level.

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