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Scott Walker Tool Kit: Fighting Talking Points With Facts - JOBS

Scott Walker campaigned on a central promise to create 250,000 jobs and, by that standard, he has failed spectacularly, salting the earth for Wisconsin's middle class in his inept and criminally corrupt administration.

Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin Leads the Nation in Job Loss

Scott Walker Leads the Nation in Job Loss

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Scott Walker's Wisconsin is alone in the nation in posting "statistically significant" job losses.

Directly contradicting the self-serving claims of Walker and his cronies, the new report showed Wisconsin with major losses in both private and public sector jobs.

Wisconsin was far-and-away the leader in the nation in jobs loss, losing some 24,000 jobs in a period where the rest of the nation has been ADDING jobs. And, in fact, Wisconsin was on the road to recovery when Scott Walker took office. Under Democratic leadership, Wisconsin gained 24,800 jobs in 2010.

In the past two decades, Wisconsin has never been last before.  We haven’t even been in the bottom 10.

  • From 1991-2010, Wisconsin’s average rank in terms of job creation was 21st.  Under Scott Walker we ranked 50th.  (The prior low had been 38th in 2009; highest was 6th in 1991)
  • From 1991-2010, Wisconsin’s average annual job growth had been 22,075.  

Cutting jobs programs, slashing infrastructure investment, destroying public education and the University of Wisconsin System, breaking faith with our system of vocational technical training, turning his back on high-tech jobs and ending decades of labor peace have been Scott Walker's legacy.

Scott Walker Never Had a Credible Jobs Plan, Never Focused on Jobs

Scott Walker's Job-Killing Clock

Scott Walker’s bogus “special session” focused on a $2.3 billion tax giveaway to out-of-state corporations and the super-rich and his union-busting  "budget repair bill" that stripped the rights of thousands of hardworking teachers, nurses and other hardworking Wisconsinites and cut vital protections to our public health programs.

Before Scott Walker even took office, he sent thousands of family-sustaining jobs to Illinois by killing the high-speed rail project.

This is because Scott Walker never had a credible jobs plan. Scott Walker’s “job plan” was a 68-page joke written in 100-point font, meant to mock Tom Barrett’s very serious and very thoughtful plan to restore economic security to working Wisconsin families.

Scott Walker Cut Funding for Job Training Programs, Harmed Jobseekers

Scott Walker’s radical budget cut funding for Wisconsin’s technical colleges by more than 30%, including cuts to vocational and educational training programs. In addition, Scott Walker slashed the University of Wisconsin System budget nearly $300 million, which including cuts to job-creating investments in new technologies.

Scott Walker’s Republican Party also stalled unemployment insurance payouts to jobseekers, and passed legislation that requires jobseekers to wait an additional week to receive family-sustaining unemployment insurance benefits.

Wisconsin is feeling the effects of Scott Walker’s failure to invest in a 21st century economy.


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