Our Party

Admin Committee

State Chair

Ben Wikler

1st Vice Chair

Felesia Martin

2nd Vice Chair

Lee Snodgrass


Meg Andrietsch


Randy Udell


Martha Love


Andrew Werthmann


Khary Penebaker


Janet Bewley

DNC Secretary

Jason Rae

DNC Appointed Member

Mahlon Mitchell

Interim Milwaukee County Chair

Chris Sinicki

College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair

Alicia Lorta

Young Democrats of Wisconsin Chair

Charles Myers

High School Dems Chair

Eliza Siebers

1st CD Chair

James Foss

1st CD Representative

Sally Simpson

2nd CD Chair

Philip Gorman

2nd CD Representative

Pat Skogen

3rd CD Chair

Josefine Jaynes

3rd CD Representative

Gary Hawley

4th CD Chair

Joshua Taylor

4th CD Representative / Black Caucus Chair

LaKeshia Myers

5th CD Chair

Jennifer Neumann

5th CD Representative

Justin Koestler

6th CD Chair

Debra Dassow

6th CD Representative

Richard Baker

7th CD Chair

Kim Butler

7th CD Representative

Steve Okonek

8th CD Chair

Thomas Mandli

8th CD Representative

Gail Mandli

Assembly Rep

Sara Rodriguez

Senate Rep

Janis Ringhand

CCA Chair-Acting

Sandy Rindy

At-Large Member

Michelle Bryant

At-Large Member

Michael Childers

At-Large Member

Sean Elliott

At-Large Member

Haben Goitom

At-Large Member

Ryan Greendeer

At-Large Member

Wayde Lawler

At-Large Member

Dominique Lee

At-Large Member

Matt Mareno

At-Large Member

Lisa Noel

At-Large Member

Sherrie Richards-Francar

At-Large Member

Patricia Ruiz-Cantu

At-Large Member

Kris Sadur

At-Large Member

Marcia Steele

At-Large Member

Jessy Tolkan

At-Large Member

Rey Villar

At-Large Member

Yee Leng Xiong

AAPI Caucus Co-Chair

Angela Jenkins

AAPI Caucus Co-Chair

Caitlin Lee

American Indian Caucus Chair

Arvina Martin

Disability Caucus Co-Chair

Ali Muldrow

Disability Caucus Co-Chair

Tyson Vitale

Environmental Caucus Chair

Dan Rohwer-Nutter

Labor Caucus Chair

Valerie Landowski

Latino Caucus Chair

Solana Patterson-Ramos

LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair

Austin Kieler

Progressive Caucus Chair

Christine McDonough

Rural Caucus Chair

Nate Timm

Veterans Caucus Chair

David Boetcher

Women's Caucus Chair

Megan Holbrook

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