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Mary Burke for Governor

John Lehman for Lt. Governor

Ismael Ozanne for Attorney General

Jon Richards for Attorney General

Susan Happ for Attorney General

Doug La Follette for Secretary of State

David Leeper for State Treasurer

Dave Sartori for State Treasurer

Kelly Westlund for Congress

Mark Harris for Congress

Chris Rockwood for Congress 

Ron Gruett for Congress

Mary Burke for Governor of Wisconsin

Mary Burke for Wisconsin Governor

Mary Burke is running for Governor because she knows the people of Wisconsin deserve better. A better economy that creates more good paying jobs. A brighter future and more opportunities for our children through education. And better leadership that brings people together to solve problems.

Burke will bring a proven track record of results to the Governor’s office. She led Strategic Planning at Trek for nearly a decade, focusing every single day on improving the company’s bottom line and making it the Wisconsin success story that it is. Mary’s father started Trek in a barn in Waterloo, WI when she was 17 years old. Today, the company employs close to 1,000 people right here in Wisconsin, with an annual payroll of over $50 million. In addition, Trek supports countless other Wisconsin businesses, purchasing over $40 million in goods and services from other Wisconsin companies every year.

Before leading the office of Strategic Planning, Mary played a central role in Trek’s expansion as the Director of European Operations. Despite not speaking a single foreign language, she established sales and distribution operations in seven countries over just three years - supporting manufacturing jobs at home by increasing sales from just $3 million to over $50 million annually.

Leading the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, Burke put the private sector principles she honed in business to work for the people of Wisconsin. During her tenure as Secretary of Commerce she focused on attracting new businesses to Wisconsin and helping entrepreneurs and small businesses start up and grow. During Burke’s tenure the state’s unemployment rate was just 4.8% - representing 84,000 more jobs than there are in Wisconsin today.

Burke also brings a proven track record of results in education. Her commitment to teaching young people personal responsibility and creating opportunity for a brighter future led her to a deep involvement with the Boys & Girls Club. Her leadership put the club on sound financial footing and allowed them to increase dramatically the number of children they work with. Burke also created AVID/TOPS, an innovative public-private partnership between public schools and the community committed to closing the achievement gap. AVID/TOPS has earned national recognition for its approach, and its results, which includes enrollment in a 2- or 4- year college by over 80% of students in the program.

Burke’s family has a deep history in Wisconsin. She is a 4th generation Wisconsinite whose great grandparents were farmers. Her grandfather delivered the mail on the same route she lives today. Her mother was the first in her family to attend college. And her father started Trek Bicycle, a company that she helped turn into an international success story. Wisconsin has been good to Mary Burke and her family, and as Governor she will ensure Wisconsin creates jobs and opportunity for every family across Wisconsin.

Burke holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Finance and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Harvard Business School.




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John Lehman for Lt. Governor of Wisconsin 

Senator John Lehman was born in Wisconsin on August 2, 1945. He grew up in Racine, Wisconsin and graduated from Washington Park High School before obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from Luther College and a master’s in education from Carthage College.

Prior to running for public office, Senator Lehman taught high school
economics and history in Racine Unified School District and served
his community as an elected official for many years.

Senator Lehman was first elected to the Racine City Council in 1988 and served continuously until 2000, including one term as Common Council President. Senator Lehman was first elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1996 where he served the 62nd Assembly District until 2007.

Following election to the Wisconsin State Senate in 2006 he served one
full term was re-elected in 2012 through a special election. Senator Lehman
was a member of the Joint Committee on Finance during the 2007 and 2009 sessions.
In 2009, Senator Lehman was elected by his colleagues as the Majority Caucus Chairperson. Senator Lehman is currently serving his second term as senator for the 21st Senate District.

As a leader on education-related issues, Senator Lehman is currently serving as the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Committee on Education, and formerly served as chair of that committee. He is also a member of the Senate Committee on Workforce Development, Forestry, Mining, and Revenue; Joint Legislative Audit Committee; and the Joint Survey Committee on Tax Exemptions.

In addition to his responsibilities in Madison, Senator Lehman remains active in the community. He is currently a member of the following organizations: Racine County Democratic Party, Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Wisconsin, Racine Heritage Museum, Friends of the Library, Racine Public Library, League of Conservation Voters, Southeastern Wisconsin Educator Hall of Fame, and Washington Park High School Hall of Fame. He is a former member of the Racine Sister City Planning Council, Racine Board of Health, and Racine Education Association. Lehman is the recipient of the Luther College Distinguished Service Award.

Senator Lehman currently resides in Racine with his wife. He is also the proud father three daughters and grandfather of six.



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Ismael Ozanne for Wisconsin Attorney General 

Ismael Ozanne for Wisconsin Attorney General

Ismael Ozanne is a front-line prosecutor with 13 years of experience. Ozanne currently serves as District Attorney in Dane County, the state’s second largest county. Ozanne has dedicated his career to public service and at the Department of Corrections he helped lead Wisconsin’s prison system and largest state agency. Throughout his career, Ismael Ozanne has fought to keep families and communities safe and he’ll do the same as Wisconsin’s Attorney General. 

District Attorney Ismael Ozanne is a sixth generation Wisconsinite. He was born in Madison and has deep roots in the capital city as well as the Fox Valley.



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Jon Richards for Wisconsin Attorney General

Jon Richards for Wisconsin Attorney General

Throughout his entire career, Representative Jon Richards has worked to build a safer Wisconsin and advocate for middle class families. Working with prosecutors, law enforcement and judges he has fought to keep our streets safe. He has been a leader in protecting consumers, preserving our natural resources, and making sure our system of government is open and honest. Jon is the leader we need as Wisconsin’s next Attorney General.

Jon has served in the Wisconsin State Legislature since 1999 while maintaining an active law practice. In recognition of his effectiveness, Jon won last year’s Scales of Justice Award from the State Bar of Wisconsin, the Openness in Government Award from the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, was a four-time winner of the “Milwaukee’s Best Legislator” award, and has been named a Conservation Champion by the League of Conservation Voters multiple times.

As a leader, Jon has a record in:


  • Authored legislation to create a database of juvenile offenders that law enforcement could access when dealing with high rate juvenile offenders on our streets and in our communities
  • Fought to require that mental health commitments be included in background checks for firearms purchases
  • Worked to establish procedures to ensure and verify that domestic abusers relinquish their firearms when required to do so by law
  • Introduced legislation to strengthen OWI laws for blood alcohol content (BAC) evidence collections and requiring mandatory terms of confinement for high repeat drunk drivers


  • As a leader in the Joint Finance Committee, fought to significantly increase funding for drug and alcohol courts
  • Helped to secure state funding for the first pay progression for prosecutors and public defenders in the past decade
  • Answered judicial and law enforcement request to permit past domestic violence incidences to be admissible evidence, allowing prosecutors to show a pattern of domestic violence


  • Led the charge to end harmful predatory lending practices— including check cashing, payday loans, cash advance loans and check advance loans—by passing legislation restricting loans given by payday lenders
  • Authored the bill to allow Wisconsinites the opportunity to take advantage of low-cost prescription drugs offered by national retailers
  • Authored the law ensuring health care price and quality transparency by requiring providers to post the price of their services and a quality comparison with other providers
  • Fought to reverse liability protections created for nursing homes that are negligent in the care and treatment of senior citizens through the Senior Citizen Protection Act in 2011 


  • Protected Lake Michigan from the invasion of Asian Carp by authoring the resolution that authorized Wisconsin to intervene in a Federal Court case seeking to close the Chicago Sanitary lock system
  • Passed legislation to support wind energy development and create new jobs in manufacturing and construction


  • Introduced legislation which would apply the Open Meetings Law to the legislature. This would hold state government to the same standards of transparency as local school boards, common councils and other elected bodies.

Jon grew up in Waukesha, and is a graduate of Lawrence University in Appleton and the University of Wisconsin Law School. Jon also taught English in Japan, attended Tokyo’s Keio University, volunteered with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India and worked as a business reporter in Wisconsin and California

Jon, his wife Andrea and their son Alex, live in Milwaukee.



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Susan Happ for Attorney General

Susan was elected Jefferson County District Attorney in November 2008 with 56% of the vote becoming the first Democratic District Attorney in Jefferson County since 1938. She was re-elected in November 2012 without opposition.

Born and raised in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where both her parents worked as public school teachers, Susan learned the value of hard work. Throughout high school and college, Susan worked as a residential living assistant at St. Coletta’s, a home for developmentally disabled children and adults. Susan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994 with distinction, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Russian.

In 1996, Susan entered the UW-Madison Law School where she served as a member and Articles Editor for the Wisconsin Law Review. Susan graduated from law school in 1998, and practiced law in Jefferson for more than six years at Monogue & Witt S.C. In 2005, Susan started her own practice, Happ Law Office. She worked there until she was elected as Jefferson County District Attorney in 2008.

As District Attorney she is responsible for the prosecution of all crimes in Jefferson County, and is also the administrator for the District Attorney’s office including budgeting and staffing. In her first full year as District Attorney, Susan saved the Jefferson County taxpayers $81,825 by cutting back on costs, working with other departments and running the District Attorney’s office just as she would her business. Since she has been District Attorney, Susan's fiscal responsibility has saved taxpayers over $250,000.

Throughout her life, Susan has been actively involved in her community, working and volunteering at St. Coletta’s School in Jefferson and various community service organizations. Susan has participated in mock trial presentations sponsored by the Wisconsin Association of Trial Lawyers and has presented at the WACDL OWI Seminar, Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators and the International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association.

Susan is a member of the Wisconsin State Bar, Jefferson County Bar Association, Rotary Club of Jefferson and St. John’s Catholic Church in Jefferson. Susan serves as legal counsel and is Vice President of the Board of Directors for Tomorrow's Hope, Inc. of Jefferson.

Susan is an avid runner and enjoys reading, riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle and spending time with her daughter, Haley, and her husband, Dale Rupprecht.



Click here to watch Sue Happ's 2014 state convention speech.

Doug La Follette for Secretary of StateSecretary of State Doug La Follette

Doug made his first run for office in 1970 in theDemocratic primary bid seeking to represent Wisconsin in Congress. He served a term as a state senator from 1972—1974 for Kenosha, during which time he authored legislation which provided family planning care to women for the first time in Wisconsin’s history. He was then elected Secretary of State and has been reelected every four years for the past 30 years.

Throughout his years of public service he has fought against the corrupting influence of big money on politics. He has rejected high-spending campaign tactics and has followed the path of the great Wisconsin Senator Bill Proxmire, who depended on his relationship with the people to get elected.

Doug has deep environmental roots in this state. He started Wisconsin's Environmental Decade, now Clean Wisconsin, and has been fighting for local, renewable energy since the 1970's. He helped the late Gaylord Nelson organize the first Earth Day in 1970 and was appointed by President Jimmy Carter as the Assistant Director to the Mid-American Solar Energy Complex.

Doug La Follette earned his Ph.D in organic chemistry from Columbia University and went on to teach as an Assistant Professor of chemistry and ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. 




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David Leeper for Wisconsin State Treasurer  

Madison attorney and former Green County District Attorney, Dave Leeper, registered his campaign for the office of Wisconsin State Treasurer on January 21, 2014. Leeper is the son of former State Representative Midge Miller, and the brother of State Senator Mark Miller.

“I am running for Wisconsin State Treasurer to keep Wisconsin money in Wisconsin,” said Leeper. “Our state and local governments control significant financial resources. This money should be put to work on Main Street Wisconsin through local community banks and credit unions to provide small business, farm, student, and personal loans for Wisconsin citizens. It’s our money! We need to invest in Wisconsin, not Wall Street.”

Leeper points out North Dakota has had a state bank since 1919. The North Dakota Bank makes use of the credit and the resources of the state to provide banking services for banks, communities, businesses, and North Dakota residents. “I will work with the legislature and the governor to create a State of Wisconsin Bank that meets the needs of Wisconsin communities, businesses, and individuals,” Leeper explained.

“I’ve been working to improve our communities for over 30 years, yet the problems we face seem to grow larger and more urgent,” said Leeper. “Income and wealth inequality are growing. I know we can’t solve the problems we face until we regain control over our own resources. The time is right for Wisconsin to take control of its financial future.”

Leeper looks forward to an active statewide campaign; working with citizens to regain control of our
finances and our future.



Click here to watch Dave Leeper's 2014 state convention speech.

Serving Wisconsin with Integrity

Madison attorney Dave Leeper has had a long and distinguished record of public service. Leeper was elected Green County District Attorney in 1976 as the first Democrat elected to any county office in 50 years. He helped bring legal services for low-income residents to Green, Rock and Walworth counties and served as a legal services attorney, specializing in consumer protection.

Leeper was appointed Green County Family Court Commissioner and later became a family court mediator for Green , Lafayette, Iowa, and Grant counties; mediating hundreds of custody cases.

Active in the Community

Leeper also helped start Monroe Community Childcare, the first day care center in Monroe, Wisconsin and, with his wife, Debi Leeper, started Green Haven Family Services and provided the first safe home in Green County for victims of domestic violence. Leeper served on the local library board in Monroe, the Child Abuse and Neglect Network for Green and Rock counties, as Chair of the Green County Salvation Army, and Chair of the Green County Democratic Party.

Wisconsin Roots

Leeper graduated from Macalester College, the University of Wisconsin Law School, and the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. He served as a United Methodist Pastor with the Wisconsin Conference serving the Clarno and Staver United Methodist Churches.

Leeper’s roots in Wisconsin go back to the mid-1800’s. His grandmother, Neva Adams, and great grandfather, James Adams, both served terms as superintendent of schools in Washburn County. His grandfather, Lorimar Cavins, was a professor of English at what is now the University of Wisconsin- Steven’s Point. Leeper’s mother, Midge Miller, represented western Madison in the State Legislature for 14 years and served as the Democratic National Committeewoman for Wisconsin for many years. When Leeper was elected Green County District Attorney he became the fourth generation of public officials in Wisconsin.

Professional History

Leeper has practiced law and mediation for over 30 years; operating his own small business. In addition, Leeper served as a volunteer for peace building and conflict resolution with the Mennonite Central Committee in Mozambique; supervised legal clinics in Ukraine with the American Bar Association; and taught negotiations and conflict resolution in two Ukrainian law schools with the Civic Education Project. Leeper spent four years as an Assistant Dean and Director of the Plowshares Peace Studies Project at Earlham College; teaching courses in Peace and Conflict, Negotiations, and Law and Social Change.

He was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Africa University in Zimbabwe where he taught Human Rights and the Rule of Law, Peace and Conflict, and Leadership.

The Leeper Family

Leeper is married to Debi Mozdren Leeper, an elementary teacher in the Madison public schools. They have three grown children; Dean is a student in Kentucky, Summer works for REI in New York City, and Tyler lives in Madison where he owns and operates Wingra Boats and Brittingham Boats.

Contact Dave Leeper at 608-238-7177 or Leeper@WItreasurer.org

Dave Sartori for Wisconsin State Treasurer 

Dave lives in Cudahy with his wife Helga and their dog “Angel.” He and his three siblings were all born and spent their childhood in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He attended Saint Peter’s Lutheran from K through eighth grade, Roosevelt Jr HS, Goodrich Senior HS. Later, he attended graduate school at UWM. His father deserted the family when Dave was seven years old and Dave and his siblings sent many years receiving public assistance. Dave’s “big break” came when he began working at Petrie’s restaurant in Fond du Lac where he worked full-time as a KFC chicken cook while still attending high school.

With savings from his job, Dave went off to UW—River Falls where he graduated with history, political science, and sociology degrees. He was the first member of his family to attend and graduate from college. In many respects, Dave is an example of fulfilling the “American Dream.” Shortly after graduation, Dave was drafted in into the military. Eventually, he was to serve a total of nine years in the military, two years active duty and seven years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard.

Dave was injured on five separate occasions. The first time was the second day he was in Vietnam by a “spent bullet.” The second gunshot injury occurred months later when he was shot in the left quadrant of his chest during a massive enemy ground attack. The bullet passed through an ammo bandolier, his flack vest, and lodged in the prayer book he had in the left upper breast pocket of his battle blouse. The prayer book in question arrived in the previous day’s mail from the Lutheran Commission for the Armed Forces.

During his National Guard service Dave incurred one federal mobilization, plus two state emergency call-ups. He was very involved in state legislation for his fellow guard members and served three years as the chair of the Wisconsin National Guard Enlisted Association.

In 1970, began his thirty year career with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as a probation/parole agent. Upon retirement he received a special written commendation from the Wisconsin Assembly. He consistently was assigned to “high risk offenders,”as well as a sporadic generic caseload. He enjoyed assignments to the Presentence Unit, the Drug Unit, and the Absconder Unit. Dave traveled to over thirty different states returning offenders back to Wisconsin.

Dave and his family lived for twenty years in Greenfield, Wisconsin where Dave served a term as alderman on the city council. He played a vital role in helping to bring the 9-1-1 system to Milwaukee County. He also was a six year member of the Marine Credit Union Board of Directors while living in North Fond du Lac.

Dave served for five years as president of the Friends of Wisconsin Libraries. He traveled over the state promotion our cherished public libraries and was invited in 1992 by Mrs Barbara Bush to a conference of Friends’ presidents in the White House.

Before and after retirement, Dave became very active volunteering in an assortment of civic, social, religious, and political causes. He joined the Fond du Lac Evening Lions and currently is a member of the Cudahy Lions Club. Dave has been very active in the Friendship Force of Greater Milwaukee and was the exchange director for the St. Petersburg, Russian Police Exchange. Criminal justice agencies and facilities were visited during a ten day period in both Wisconsin and Chicago.

Upon returning to the Milwaukee metro area, Dave became very active in grassroots political politics. He was nominated by the Milwaukee County Democratic Party to the Milwaukee County Election Commission and subsequently appointed by former Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to a four year term on the Commission. In September, 2012, Dave was a member of the Wisconsin Delegation to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, NC.

Dave has served an accumulated term of three years as president of a small investment partnership. The investment portfolio has actually more than doubled during Dave’s incumbency. He also serves on the Cudahy food pantry and Saint Francis/Cudahy Interfaith Board of Directors. He represents both of these agencies with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. In many respects he is a “professional volunteer” and very involved in food nutrition. He also serves as a member of the Milwaukee County Council Advisory Board on Nutrition.

Yet, Dave’s proudest achievement is that he has donated, since age 21, 139 gallons of blood (whole blood/platelets) to the American Red Cross and Blood Center of Wisconsin. He has six times been a “matched platelet donor,” and just recently to his first Wisconsin resident – a 16 year teenage cancer victim

What are some of Dave’s hobbies? He enjoys cross country skiing, activities with AFSCME RETIREES, cycling with his TREK 750, walking his dog “Angel,” reading, grassroots politics, domestic and international travel (been to six of the seven continents), activities with his four “new” grandchildren, investing, and church council secretary, lector, usher at Saint John Lutheran Church in Cudahy. He also served as secretary to the Wisconsin Division of Orphan Grain Train.




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Kelly Westlund for Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District

Kelly Westlund for Wisconsin's 7th Congressional DistrictKelly Westlund grew up in a military family and spent much of her life in the southern part of the country. She finally settled in northern Wisconsin after earning her degree from Northland College in Ashland and marrying a local, Caleb, who is a carpenter and avid fisherman.

She went on to work with a local nonprofit organization focused on sustainable community and economic development, coordinating various projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy. She has spent the last few years working with a cooperative of local producers to build a strong local food system that will support family farms for generations to come.

Kelly is a graduate of the Leadership Wisconsin program and is currently serving on the Ashland City Council.




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Mark Harris for Wisconsin's  6th Congressional District 

Mark Harris received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with distinction from the University of Michigan in 1977.

He then worked for a CPA firm, Deloitte Haskins and Sells (now Deloitte & Touche) until returning to Ann Arbor to earn his law degree (J.D.) at the University of Michigan Law School. Mark received his Michigan CPA certificate in 1979 and was admitted to the Indiana Bar in 1982.

Harris practiced law and worked as a trust officer in Indianapolis, Indiana for several years before moving to Wisconsin. He has worked as a Trust Officer and a Vice President of Associated Trust Company in Oshkosh from 1995 until his election as Winnebago County Executive in 2005. He now wants to take that public and private sector experience to Washington, D.C.

Mark has been married to his wife Susan for 29 years. Together they have resided in Oshkosh since 1995 where they raised their three sons: Eric who holds his masters from the University of Wisconsin, Troy who attends Fox Valley Technical College, and Grant who attends UW La Crosse.




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Chris Rockwood for Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District

Chris Rockwood was born in Michigan, where his grandfather was a union steward during a 40-year career at Ford Motor Company, and grew up near Pittsburgh.

His father, a state university professor, was active in the faculty union; his mother was appointed by four successive governors to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Citizens Advisory Council.

Chris holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University in Houston and has more than 25 years of experience as an engineer at several high-tech companies, including Apple and Mentor Graphics.

He was drawn from California to Wisconsin by the state’s beauty, the warmth of its people, and its progressive political traditions. Chris moved to the Milwaukee area in 2002 and has lived in Wauwatosa with his wife Annette since 2008.

Chris believes that it is possible to respect individual rights and allow businesses to thrive while investing in our infrastructure, ensuring that Wisconsinites have access to excellent public education and affordable health care, and protecting the environment for future generations.

He is proud to be on the 2014 ballot and is grateful for the opportunity to represent the residents of the 5th Congressional District.




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Ron Gruett for Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District 

In my run for congress I hope to make things better for the middle class and the less well off. I consider myself an expert on the middle class because I have been there all my life.

I have been married to my wife, Margie, for 39 years. We have 3 sons, 1 daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh in 1973 and completed a master's degree from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA in 1993. I also took graduate courses in meteorology and chemistry at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I taught physics and chemistry at Brillion Public Schools for 33 years and now I teach physics and organic chemistry at Marian University.

I am a long time member of the Chilton City Council and a member of the Chilton Lions Club. My wife and I enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hiking and swimming. I feel each of us only lives a short time on Earth and we should leave it better off than when we were born. We also have a duty to our children to keep our water and air clean.


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