WisDems 2021 Convention


The 2021 WisDems Convention will be an interactive online experience lifting up the Biden-Harris administration’s achievements, celebrating the victories of 2020, and rallying grassroots and elected leaders to re-elect Governor Evers, defeat Ron Johnson, and grow Democratic strength up and down the ticket. More importantly, the Convention will be a celebration of the values that unite us—of building a state and nation where we all thrive together; of expanding opportunity and ending poverty; and of embracing justice and democracy. 


Please see below for additional resources ahead of this year’s State Convention.

Convention Schedule

Click here to download the schedule (PDF) 

Schedule & speakers are subject to change

Saturday, June 5th

10:00 am | Welcome to 2021 State Convention

10:30 am | Housekeeping Session

11:00 am | AAPI, Women’s, & Rural Caucus Meetings; Voter Protection 101 Training; Building a Movement: Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Training

12:00 pm | DisAbility, Progressive, & Black Caucus Meetings; Organizing Around the Issues in Your Community Training; Data Tools & VAN Training

1:00 pm | CCA, YDW, CDW, HSDW Meeting; Social Media 101: How to Be Good at the Internet Training; Digital Media: Content Creation & Graphic Design for Beginners Trainings

2:00 pm | Official Business Convenes

2:30 pm | Consideration of Constitutional Amendments

4:00 pm | WisDems Officer Elections

4:15 pm | WisDems Officer Reports

5:00 pm | Official Business Recess

6:30 pm | Evening Programming: Speeches by Democratic Electeds & Keynote

Sunday, June 6th

10:00 am | Official Business Reconvenes

10:15 am | Speeches from 2022 Senate Candidates

11:00 am | Consideration of WisDems Platform & Resolutions

12:00 pm | Official Business Recess

12:30 pm | Continuation of Platform & Resolutions Voting

12:30 pm | Latino, Labor, & Veterans Caucus Meetings; Social Media 101: How to Be Good at the Internet Training; Digital Media: Content Creation & Graphic Design for Beginners Training

1:30 pm | American Indian, LGBT, Environmental Caucus Meetings; Building a Movement: Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Training; Voter Protection 101 Training

2:30 pm | Official Business Reconvenes w/ Reports from WisDems Subunit Chairs

3:30 pm | Adjournment

6:00 pm | WisDems Virtual Grassroots Fundraiser

Joining Convention

This year’s virtual State Convention will be taking place on a platform called “Hop In.” Hop In allows guests to navigate between different virtual spaces — like you’d be able to do in a physical Convention center.


Delegates & guests will receive their link to join Convention the week prior to the event. Your link will be unique to you — do not share your join link with anyone else, even family members. If you don’t receive your join link by the morning of Convention, please email stateconvention@wisdems.org. An attendee guide, with an overview of the layout of the platform, is linked below for your reference. 


Hop In Attendee Guide: CLICK HERE


An additional overview of the platform will be provided in the “Housekeeping Session” between 10 and 11 AM on Saturday, June 5th.

Skills Trainings

WisDems staff will be hosting a series of skills trainings on the Saturday & Sunday of the WisDems State Convention. Please see below for the descriptions and times of each.


Voter Protection 101

Saturday, 11 AM – 12 PM

Sunday, 1:30 – 2:30 PM

Learn the basics of Wisconsin election law to become an advocate for voting access in your community!  The WisDems Voter Protection Team will take you through the requirements to register and vote, highlight the things that often trip people up, and give you the resources to help your friends and neighbors access the ballot box.


Building a Movement: Volunteer Recruitment & Retention

Saturday, 11 AM – 12 PM

Sunday, 1:30 – 2:30 PM

Learn how to recruit new volunteers in your community as well as creative ways to reach out to new people. In addition, discuss effective ways to keep volunteers engaged and returning to your events over time.


Building a Movement: Organizing Around the Issues in Your Community

Saturday, 12 – 1 PM

Learn how to organize around the issues that matter most to your community and build the infrastructure needed to create long-lasting change.



Data Tools & VAN

Saturday, 12 – 1 PM

DPW’s Data and Analytics Director will be giving a training on Democratic data infrastructure. We will cover the kinds of data that exist on voters in the Democratic ecosystem and their sources and applications. We will go over how models are built, best practices in their applications in campaigns and their limitations.



Social Media 101: How to Be Good at the Internet

Saturday, 1 – 2 PM

Sunday, 12:30 – 1:30 PM

Learn about the basics of social media, leveraging different online platforms and strategies, to amplify our pro-Democrat agenda and progressive values.


Digital Media: Content Creation & Graphic Design for Beginners 

Saturday, 1 – 2 PM

Sunday, 12:30 – 1:30 PM

Getting attention in a crowded newsfeed can be hard! We’ll show you how to make a splash with basic graphic design — plus other tips and tricks to create killer content.

"All Eyes on Wisconsin" Strategy Session

Wisconsin will be the epicenter of national politics in the ‘22 elections—and we’ll be ready. 

Chip in any amount to join us for a LIVE Democratic Strategy Session featuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Leader Chuck Schumer, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, and WisDems Chair Ben Wikler.

This event is only going to be livestreamed once at 6 PM CT / 7pm ET on Sunday, June 6th!

Party leaders will discuss Democratic strategies at the state & national levels to win in 2022 & beyond, and Wisconsin’s key role.

Your donation will go toward defeating Ron Johnson and defending Democratic majorities in Congress.


Additional Convention Documents

State and Congressional District Convention Delegate QuotasClick to see how many delegates your county or congressional district can select for this year’s State Convention!

2021 General Convention Rules. These rules will govern the procedures of the State Convention, and have been passed by the DPW Rules Committee.

2021 Convention Election Rules. These rules will govern the procedures of the DPW Officer Elections at Convention, and have been passed by the DPW Elections Commission.

2021 WisDems Platform.
2021 WisDems Resolutions.
The platform linked above was compiled by the WisDems Platform & Resolutions Committee. The resolutions were compiled by the P&R Committee and passed out of the Congressional District Conventions. Both the platform & resolutions will be voted on by the delegation on Sunday, June 6th.

Constitutional Amendments Report. This report outlines the proposed changes to the DPW Constitution to be submitted to the delegation at the Convention, as reviewed and presented by the DPW Constitution & Bylaws Committee.

Call to ConventionThis is the official document that was circulated to announce this year’s State Convention. Please note that this document was circulated 90 days prior to Convention, and now contains some information that is out of date.

Convention Social Media Toolkit

The WisDems Digital Team has put together some resources for you to share your excitement for this year’s convention with your social networks, including a Facebook profile picture frame, Zoom backgrounds, and more, included below. 


State Convention Social Media Toolkit: CLICK HERE


Use these resources to represent our state, our Party, and our Delegation during this momentous occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a list of FAQs regarding this year’s State Convention.