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"I Support the Badger Bounceback Agenda!" 👉

We need to build a *massive* groundswell of support for the Governor’s Badger Bounceback Budget, otherwise the GOP leadership in the Wisconsin Legislature will kill this important plan.

Sign onto the letter below, and send a strong message—that Wisconsinites support the Governor’s efforts to revitalize our state so that it’s even stronger than it was before the pandemic.

Dear Wisconsin Legislature,

This year’s state budget is more important than ever before, and Governor Evers’ plan rises to meet the moment. His proposed Badger Bounceback Budget focuses on making sure Wisconsin not only bounces back from COVID-19, but builds back even stronger than we were before the pandemic hit. That’s made possible by:

    • Investing in our transportation and infrastructure, including fixing our roads and bridges and expanding access to broadband
    • Expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare, including protecting people who have pre-existing conditions and investing in mental health services
    • Ensuring every kid has access to a high-quality, public education, expanding access to early childhood education and childcare, and investing in our higher education institutions
    • Supporting small businesses and our economy, including funding to kickstart innovation and tax relief for Wisconsin’s working families
    • Reforming our justice system & legalizing marijuana to address racial disparities and make critical investments in our state
    • Tackling the climate crisis, and keeping our water clean

Getting this done is too critical for the same old partisan politics to stand in the way. That’s why we are sending a clear message to the Wisconsin legislature: Don’t Kill the Badger Bounceback. Work together and get this done quickly. Families, small businesses, and communities are counting on you.