Tell Ron Johnson to Resign

Ron Johnson just admitted he’d “rather do something else” than represent the people of Wisconsin in the Senate. If he’d rather do something else, great! He’s already admitted he’s not doing the basic tasks of his job, as-is.

Tell Ron Johnson to resign, and let a leader with commonsense, hardworking Wisconsin values represent us in the Senate.

We’re collecting signatures from Americans across the country to send him a strong message—that there is a national movement ready to hold him accountable, and we need him to resign. Sign the petition today.

Johnson holds disdain for the Senate — and his own job. He’s also a founding member of the Senate’s “Sedition Caucus,” which incited a violent insurrection at our country’s Capitol. Johnson has long stood by Trump’s violent rhetoric and Big Lies. The results have been deadly.

We *must* end Ron Johnson political career.