Fact Sheet: President Biden Has Delivered Historic Progress for Black Wisconsinites, but Trump Threatens To Destroy It

Feb 05, 2024

Fact Sheet: President Biden Has Delivered Historic Progress for Black Wisconsinites, but Trump Threatens To Destroy It

MADISON, Wis. — Black History Month is a time to celebrate the rich history of Black Wisconsinites and Black Americans across the country. Just as we celebrate the trailblazers, leaders and gains made in generations past, it’s also important that we celebrate the progress we are making today. Thanks to the Biden-Harris administration, Black Wisconsinites are experiencing historic levels of representation, investment, and economic progress—but if Donald Trump gets his way, all of these gains would be destroyed.

President Biden and Vice President Harris are delivering results for Black Wisconsinites:

  • President Biden’s leadership has led to historically low unemployment amongst Black Americans, Black wealth is up by 60% relative to pre-pandemic—the largest increase on record—Black small businesses are booming, and the Black business ownership rate is more than double its pre-pandemic level.
  • Under Trump: The unemployment gap for Black workers widened.
  • The Biden-Harris administration has taken action to address student loan debt with over $127 billion in debt relief approved so far for nearly 3.6 million Americans, including $816.3 million for 13,500 Wisconsinites alone. The administration also made the largest investment ever in HBCUs.
  • Trump tried to slash programs that make college more affordable for Black students. He supported capping Pell Grants, sought to cut funding for HBCUs, repeatedly tried to cut assistance like the public service loan forgiveness program, and now has no plan for addressing the student debt crisis.
  • Under President Biden, more Black families have health coverage under the ACA than ever before, contributing to a total of 883,000 Wisconsinites who receive coverage under the ACA. Through HealthCare.gov, Black enrollment is up nearly 50% since 2020.
  • In stark contrast, the uninsured rate of Black Americans rose during Trump’s administration for the first time in five years. Trump was one vote away from achieving his goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act—legislation directly linked to historic reductions in racial health care disparities—and is campaigning on a promise to try again.
  • Trump proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security programs every single year he was in office.
  • President Biden is committed to protecting Medicare and Social Security, lowering drug costs, and ensuring seniors can retire with dignity.

“Donald Trump abandoned Black students, threatened the programs our seniors rely on, and was a complete disaster for economic progress. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the only candidates in the presidential race dedicated to delivering tangible results for Black Wisconsinites and actually getting it done,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin African American Media Director Chloe Cameron.