Dan Kelly: “I’ve Never Convicted Anyone”

Mar 29, 2023

Dan Kelly: “I’ve Never Convicted Anyone”

MADISON, Wis.In a recent appearance on WVCY-TV30, Dan Kelly came clean on his stark lack of experience as a criminal prosecutor or trial court judge, admitting to viewers that “I’ve never convicted anyone.

“Dan Kelly has a stunning lack of experience with the criminal justice system he would be responsible for leading on the Wisconsin Supreme Court,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund. “Judge Janet served the people of Wisconsin for 25 years as an Assistant District Attorney, and has nearly a decade of experience as a circuit court judge. Dan Kelly was appointed to the Supreme Court by Scott Walker as a reward for years of service to the extreme right, including defending Walker’s gerrymandered maps and guiding the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty’s litigation on behalf of wealthy special interests. Dan Kelly fundamentally lacks the experience required to put people and the law above politics and extreme special interests.”