Dorow Campaign Manager Led Divisive Wisconsin School Board Recall

Dec 13, 2022

Dorow Campaign Manager Led Divisive Wisconsin School Board Recall

MADISON, Wis. — Jennifer Dorow is backing up her radical politics with a campaign manager who has committed her work to Republican division and extremism.

In 2021, Amber Schroeder led the recall effort of four school board members in Ozaukee County. One losing candidate supported by Schroeder’s recall posted anti-LGBTQ tweets and indicated that she wasn’t worried about white supremacy. During the recall, Schroeder also said that she is “not a believer in equity.”

Shroeder is also the co-founder of the Mom’s for Liberty Ozaukee County, a group whose national organization is known for harassing and intimidating public school administrators, uses kids as pawns, encourages parents to sue school districts, and has deep financial roots to the ultra-MAGA wing of the Republican party.

Wisconsinites continue to reject divisive and extremist politics, including in this past election. Yet, radical candidates like Jennifer Dorow continue to campaign to take away our rights to health care and access to the ballot.

“Jennifer Dorow is showing her true colors by selecting Amber Schroeder as her campaign manager. We can’t trust her to decide a case fairly and according to the law,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Hannah Menchhoff. “Dorow is just another radical, divisive MAGA Republican who will work to take away the freedoms of Wisconsinites.”