Eric Toney Fundraised on Mike Gableman’s Support

Nov 02, 2022

Eric Toney Fundraised on Mike Gableman’s Support

MADISON, Wis. — Not only did Eric Toney fully embrace Mike Gableman’s sham investigation — which burned through more than a million taxpayer dollars to uncover nothing and produce no evidence of widespread fraud — Toney also traded on Gableman’s name to raise money.

In text messages sent to potential donors during his primary, Toney bragged that “As a DA I’m currently prosecuting voter fraud … Gableman’s voting for me in the GOP primary but I need you too…”

Gableman had previously endorsed Toney during an appearance at GOP dinner last December, gushing that Toney would make “an outstanding Attorney General.”

And the feeling was mutual: Toney vocally supported Gableman’s sham investigation, which released a widely discredited report urging the Legislature to consider illegally “decertify” the 2020 election. Toney acted on recommendations from this same report and called for the removal of five members of Wisconsin’s bipartisan election commission, something a nonpartisan attorney advising the Legislature deemed to be impossible under the law.

“Eric Toney’s embrace of Mike Gableman — to include trading on Gableman’s endorsement to try and raise money — is disqualifying. Mike Gableman wasted more than a million dollars in taxpayer money proving nothing and pushing for election results be ‘decertified’ — something that is impossible and illegal,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Marnie O’Malley. “It is clear that Wisconsinites cannot trust Eric Toney to stand up for the will of the voters and defend against the waste of taxpayer resources unleashed by bad actors like Mike Gableman.”