ICYMI: Marvel Cast Assembles to Save Democracy

Nov 01, 2022

ICYMI: Marvel Cast Assembles to Save Democracy

MADISON, Wis. — Marvel superheroes are helping to turn out the vote for Democrats in Wisconsin.

Marvel cast members unite on November 6 at 5 pm CT to fundraise and to recruit volunteers in the final stretch of the election for Mandela Barnes for US Senate and Democrats up and down the ballot in Wisconsin.

The event will feature Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, Natalia Cordova, Cristela Alonzo, Clark Gregg, and Rosario Dawson, with more heroes expected to join the line-up.

Supporters can gain entry through a donation or by completing one of two volunteer “Get Out the Vote” shift opportunities.

The stakes in this election are enormous: Ron Johnson uses his seat to benefit himself and his wealthy donors while turning his back on regular Wisconsinites. Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes would protect abortion access, voting rights, and help build an economy that works for everyone. The road to progress in the Senate, from bringing manufacturing jobs home to codifying Roe, runs through Wisconsin.

Beyond the Senate, the Governor and the Attorney General are both on the ballot and their re-election is crucial to keep Wisconsin moving forward.

“Members of the Marvel family are coming together with Mandela Barnes to join the fight against Sen. Ron Johnson, who has left my home state of Wisconsin behind. Ron Johnson is only in it for himself and has even come out in support of a national abortion ban. But there’s hope–Mandela Barnes is a champion for working people and will stand up for the rights and freedoms of all Wisconsinites,” said actor and Wisconsin native Mark Ruffalo. “The road to protecting our democracy and a woman’s right to choose runs through Wisconsin this year, and that’s why we have to elect Mandela Barnes to the Senate and support Wisconsin Democrats up and down the ballot.”

“Democracy is in peril, and Team Marvel is assembling to save it. Luckily we have actual superheroes joining forces with Wisconsinites,” said Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Ben Wikler. “This election is neck and neck, and the results will have an impact far beyond Wisconsin. We’re thrilled to welcome Marvel fans to join us in this climactic moment!”