ICYMI: “Republican Attacks on Abortion Threaten Wisconsinites’ Health”

Aug 29, 2022

ICYMI: “Republican Attacks on Abortion Threaten Wisconsinites’ Health”

“This November, lives are on the line, and abortion is on the ballot.”

MADISON, Wis. – In a new op-ed published in the Milwaukee Courier, a medical student at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health slammed Wisconsin Republicans for their continued attacks on reproductive health care.

The Milwaukee Courier: Republican Attacks on Abortion Threaten Wisconsinites’ Health

Key Points

  • “As someone entering the medical profession, I must now face the grim reality that I could be thrown in jail for simply doing my job. I could be jailed for saving a person’s life.
  • “Let me be clear: abortion is health care. And despite countless medical professionals across the country supporting that idea, a Wisconsin law passed in 1849 could mean that doctors in our state can no longer offer full, comprehensive health care.
  • “Abortion is a critical and necessary procedure that can save lives in medical emergencies. It can allow victims of rape or incest to reclaim control of their lives after an assault. Every person deserves to be able to decide for themselves if, when, and how to parent a child.
  • “Every person deserves the right to make their own medical decisions about their future – a decision that should be made by a patient and their doctor, not by any politician. Protecting access to abortion in our state is one of the ways we can ensure reproductive freedom for Wisconsinites.
  • “Wisconsin Republicans, in particular, have been unabashedly supportive of the state’s 1849 abortion ban – and top Republican politicians have been unwilling to even discuss allowing exceptions in the law for rape and incest.
  • “When given the chance to change course and restore this critical right to abortion, every Wisconsin Republican in Congress voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act and the Ensuring Access to Abortion Act, which would restore Roe v. Wade as law and protect people who must travel between states to receive abortions.
  • “This November, lives are on the line, and abortion is on the ballot. While Republican politicians launch a full-scale assault on reproductive rights, Wisconsin Democrats have stepped up to fight for access to health care.
  • “We must elect pro-choice Mandela Barnes to the U.S. Senate and re-elect Governor Evers and Attorney General Kaul.
  • “The stakes have never been higher for reproductive freedom in our country. It is our responsibility to elect Democrats who will stand up against Republican attacks on our ability to make our own health care decisions and my ability to provide the best possible care to my future patients.”

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