Ron Johnson Owes Wisconsinites Answers to These Questions

Sep 23, 2022

Ron Johnson Owes Wisconsinites Answers to These Questions

MADISON, Wis. – As Ron Johnson continues to run away from his self-serving and out-of-touch record, there are a number of questions he needs to be asked that Wisconsinites deserve answers to.

  • Why did you vote against increasing funding for local law enforcement?
  • Just a few days ago you agreed with a referendum to allow Wisconsinites to vote to decide the abortion laws in Wisconsin. Now you’re saying that the Governor’s action to do this is the wrong course of action – why did you lie about your position?
  • How do you think Wisconsinites feel about you complaining about only doubling your multi-million dollar fortune since becoming a public servant?
  • Do you stand by your vote for a national abortion ban?
  • Why didn’t you design the 2017 tax provision to benefit small businesses more than the large corporations who received the vast majority of the benefits?
  • You say you want to save Social Security and Medicare, but do you really trust Congress to be able to do the job?