VIDEO: Tim Michels Admits Who Would Call the Shots in His Administration: “Roger, Can We Do That?”

Oct 21, 2022

VIDEO: Tim Michels Admits Who Would Call the Shots in His Administration: “Roger, Can We Do That?”

Michels would defer to radical LG nominee on policymaking as governor

MADISON, Wis.After months of avoiding specifics on basic policy questions he should have the answers to, there’s at least one position that Tim Michels is sure of – Roger Roth’s. At a Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce event Wednesday, Michels repeated that it would be Roth, not himself, who would be in charge of policymaking in a Michels administration.

Michels detailed his plans to give Roger Roth the reins of his administration:

“And when people come to me and say, ‘Governor Michels, you can’t do that,’ I’m going to go to Roger Roth, my lieutenant governor, and say, ‘Roger, can we do that?’ and he’s going to say, ‘oh yes you can.’”

Of course, Roth has been prepared for this eventuality all along. Even before the August 9 primary, Roth expressed his doubts about Michels’ qualifications and suggested Michels would need a helping hand to accomplish anything as governor because of his lack of experience.

Roth’s radical record is just as concerning as Michels’ lack of experience. Roth personally authored bills that would prosecute people who perform abortions and would make it easier to sue public schools. Years of cuts to shared revenue led by Republicans like Roth are forcing our communities to do more with less as they struggle to fund essential programs and pay first responders like police and firefighters. On democracy, Roth has embraced conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and said that Gov. Evers, who has protected the right to vote, is “a threat to democracy” when asked about Trump undermining our elections.

Roger Roth and Tim Michels are too radical and extreme for Wisconsin, regardless of who leads their administration. Both support banning abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest, putting up unnecessary barriers to make it harder to vote, allowing guns on school grounds, and making it easier to sue neighborhood schools. Roger Roth and Tim Michels are wrong for Wisconsin.

“When you combine Roger Roth’s radical record and Tim Michels’ inexperience, the result is troubling for Wisconsin,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Hannah Menchhoff. “A Michels-Roth administration – or apparently a Roth-Michels administration – would all but guarantee the defunding of public education and continued restrictions on abortion access. No matter who makes the decisions, both Roth and Michels are radical and wrong for Wisconsin.”