Tim Michels Has Said For Two Decades That He Opposes Rape and Incest Exceptions On Abortion

Sep 23, 2022

Tim Michels Has Said For Two Decades That He Opposes Rape and Incest Exceptions On Abortion

MADISON, Wis. — While Tim Michels desperately attempts to rewrite history and ignore the months he spent touting his support of Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban, it is a reality that Tim Michels cannot escape. Below are all the times Michels has supported an extreme abortion ban without exceptions for rape and incest:

  • September 2022: “But yeah, I’m not gonna soften my stance on abortion. And I think at this point, anyhow, I won’t do it, but at this point anyhow, I think it would actually be a negative. I’m winning because people see a strong leader, a man of conviction, a man who doesn’t waffle, a man who doesn’t flip flop. I’m gonna stick with what I know is right. And that’s what I’m gonna do until the bitter end.” [Dane County Pints & Politics, 9/6/22]

  • September 2022: “We will not waver on our pro life principles.”  [First Wisconsin Republican Rally, 9/10/22]

  • July 2022: “My, my position on on abortion, it mirrors the existing law that’s on the books right now. And I’m pro-life. It comes from my faith. And the only exception I have is for life of the mother.” [Dan O’Donnell, 7/27/22]

  • June 2022: “The 1849 Law is an exact mirror of my position, and my position is an exact mirror of the 1849 law as well, which has an exception for life of the mother.” MATT SMITH: But you wouldn’t support exceptions for rape or incest? TIM MICHELS: “That’s correct.” [WISN, 6/5/22]

  • Michels loses his 2004 election, buys homes in New York and Connecticut, continues funding extreme anti-choice groups.

  • June 2004: Michels said it was “not unreasonable” to force rape victims to give birth to the children of their attackers.  [Wisconsin State Journal, 6/13/04]

  • September 2004: “According to an Associated Press candidate questionnaire, ABORTION: Do you support any restrictions on access to abortion? If you are against abortion, would you support any exceptions, such as in the case of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger? […] Michels: Yes. From conception to natural death, life is a gift from God to be treated with respect and fought for, not fought to end. No exceptions.” [Associated Press, 09/05/04]