Tim Michels Is Radical And Wrong On Education

Oct 13, 2022

Tim Michels Is Radical And Wrong On Education

MADISON, Wis. — Tim Michels’ radical education agenda will decimate Wisconsin’s public schools by slashing funding for education, raising Wisconsin property taxes, and using students and teachers as political pawns while stoking division in the classroom.

Despite not having attended a school board meeting in Wisconsin in the past year and admitting that he’s “not an expert at education,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels has plenty to say about education in our state. Michels’ plan for education would slash funding for neighborhood public schools, directing them toward private schools instead – a plan that could raise property taxes by over $500 million. Michels called continuing to fund education “the definition of insanity” despite public school districts’ dire need for increased funding to continue supporting their students.

Michels has said he would sign a bill that would make it easier to sue public schools over the books they’re teaching, inviting division and partisanship into neighborhood classrooms – to the detriment of Wisconsin students.

As a lifelong educator, Governor Evers will always do the right thing for kids, parents, and education – including vetoing a dangerous bill that would have allowed for loaded guns on school grounds. Gov. Evers met the state’s two-thirds funding commitment for the first time in nearly two decades and in his first budget made the largest general aid funding commitment to schools in over a decade and the first increase in special education funding in a decade.  Wisconsin’s education system is now ranked eighth in the nation, up from eighteenth under the prior administration. And Governor Evers has directed $30 million to student mental health with his “Get Kids Ahead” Initiative.

“Michels has admitted that he’s ‘not an expert on education,’ and it shows in his radical agenda,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Governor Evers believes that what is best for our kids is what is best for our state, and he will continue working with parents, teachers, and students to ensure our public education system is the best that it possibly can be.”