New Ad Slams Tim Michels for Radical Views on Abortion

Oct 04, 2022

New Ad Slams Tim Michels for Radical Views on Abortion

MADISON, Wis.  Today, Governor Evers’ campaign launched a new ad calling out Tim Michels for his radical stance on abortion. Michels has a long history of supporting the most extreme positions on reproductive health care and abortion access — even saying it’s “not unreasonable” for the government to force rape victims to give birth.

If he were governor, women in Wisconsin would lose the freedom to make their own personal healthcare decisions. Since the beginning of his campaign, Michels has repeatedly expressed support for Wisconsin’s archaic 1849 abortion ban, calling the ban that doesn’t include exceptions for rape or incest an “exact mirror” of his position and saying “I’m not gonna soften my stance on abortion.”

Gov. Evers will always do the right thing to protect a person’s ability to make their own health care decisions. He is the last line of defense in Wisconsin on protecting access to abortion and has vetoed nine Republican-led bills that would have restricted abortion access and reproductive health care.

“Tim Michels’ position on abortion is radical and cruel,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Governor Evers will fight to protect Wisconsinites’ access to reproductive health care and abortion and will never stop fighting to preserve reproductive freedoms.

Watch the ad here.


“A twelve year old girl can’t legally drive a car.

At twelve, she can’t even vote.

But if this little girl were tragically raped or a victim of incest and became pregnant, radical Tim Michels would force her to deliver the baby.

He said it’s quote ‘not unreasonable’ for the state government to mandate rape victims to give birth.

Would it be unreasonable if he were forcing this on you?

Let him know on Election Day.