President Biden’s Economic Agenda is Working for Wisconsin

Feb 09, 2023

President Biden’s Economic Agenda is Working for Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis.Yesterday, President Biden joined union workers in DeForest to promote how his economic agenda is working for Wisconsin by creating jobs and rebuilding our infrastructure.

President Biden’s agenda is already delivering real results for our state, and Wisconsinites are taking notice. To date, about $2.9 billion in funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has been announced for Wisconsin projects, and private companies have committed to invest over $4 billion in our state since 2021, creating good-paying jobs from the state line to the Northwoods.

See more coverage from President Biden’s visit:

NBC 15: “At the training center, Biden met workers and apprentices who are learning how to do the jobs that are being created as a result of several pieces of major legislation, some of them passed with Republican support, that Biden has signed into law. The measures include trillions of dollars for pandemic relief, rebuilding roads, bridges and other infrastructure, jump-starting the semiconductor chip industry in the United States, and boosting climate change and health care initiatives.”

FOX 6: “‘He’s got us in his mind, and it’s good to hear,’ said Casey Kvalo, an underground pipe worker from DeForest. As for the job creation Biden promoted Tuesday evening, ‘he’s right on point about it and it’s exciting to hear,’ Kvalo said. Tony Kurkowski, a Milwaukee highway worker and union member, said he was ‘pleasantly surprised’ by the president’s visit and focus on workers. ‘With a lot of politicians, it’s easy to take the vote for granted and once they get in have their own priorities, but it’s good to see he’s coming back to labor,’ he said.”

WKOW: “Biden touted the growth of manufacturing under his administration — saying  800,000 new jobs have been created and stressed the importance of keeping those jobs instead of sending them overseas. ‘We’re building an economy where no one’s going to be left behind. My economic plan is about investing in places people that had been forgotten,’ Biden said.”

CBS 58: “​​He also touted how Wisconsin is benefiting from the bipartisan infrastructure law which includes $2.9 billion for projects such as new electric buses in Racine and Madison, along with investments in roads and bridges across the state. ‘Each of these projects means jobs,’ Biden said. ‘These are good jobs, jobs you can raise a family on, and most don’t require a college degree.’”

Spectrum News: “According to the administration, companies have invested more than $4 billion in manufacturing across Wisconsin since Biden took office. ‘At the port of Green Bay, we are helping turn an old water plant site into a new port terminal,’ President Biden explained. ‘It’s going to create thousands of jobs overtime. This is a big deal. Just up the road in Columbia County, funds from the infrastructure bill are going to replace the Wisconsin River bridge.’”