Two Peas in a Pod: Ron Johnson and Big Pharma

Aug 17, 2022

Two Peas in a Pod: Ron Johnson and Big Pharma 

MADISON, Wis. — Ron Johnson is a self described “big supporter” and “defender” of the drug companies who are driving up the costs of necessary and life saving prescriptions. That’s why it comes as little surprise that Johnson voted against cutting prescription drug costs for Wisconsinites and capping insulin at $35 a month. To date, Johnson has received over one million dollars from the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

Last week it was reported that Johnson used his position in the Senate to try to block an investigation into Teva Pharmaceutical for exploiting the opioid epidemic. Johnson accepted his first donation from the company weeks later.

See Johnson’s history of being Big Pharma’s best spokesperson:

  • 10/08/21: “I’ve always defended Big Pharma.”
  • 10/22/21: “I’ve always been a big supporter of Big Pharma.”
  • 11/03/21: “I’ve spent, you know, my public service life, by and large defending Big Pharma.”
  • 02/18/22: “By the way, I always defended Big Pharma”
  • 03/07/22: “I’m a defender of Big Pharma.”
  • 04/02/22: “…and by the way I’ve always been supportive of big pharma,”
  • 05/01/22: “and by the way, I’ve always been supportive of big pharma.”
  • 05/06/22: “I’ve always been supportive of pharma, have always been supportive of pharma.”
  • 05/17/22: “…and listen, I have no bone to pick with big pharma.”
  • 07/21/22: “I’ve never been critical of Big Pharma…”