ROUND UP: Democratic Leaders Celebrate Record Candidate Filings for State Legislative Races

Jun 06, 2024

ROUND UP: Democratic Leaders Celebrate Record Candidate Filings for State Legislative Races

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, Senate Democratic Leader Dianne Hesselbein, Assembly Democratic Leader Greta Neubauer, and Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler held a press call to discuss the record number of filings by Democratic candidates for the Wisconsin Legislature.

See some coverage from Democrats’ record candidate filings below:

Northern News Now: “Wisconsin state Democrats tally a record number of candidates”

“For the first time in more than 20 years, there’s a Democrat running in every single Senate race in the state of Wisconsin. ‘Democrats have heard the calls from people across the state, and because of new fair maps, we are ready to compete and restore your right to choose your elected officials rather than the elected officials choosing their voters,’ said Senator Dianne Hesselbein of Middleton, Wisconsin. Hesselbein was one of three Democratic leaders who spoke at the news conference announcing the record filings. Joining her was Greta Neubauer, the Wisconsin Assembly leader. She said because of what she describes as these new fair maps, Wisconsin Assembly Democrats are competing for a Democratic majority through these new Districts across the state.”

WKOW: “Your Vote, Your Voice 2024″

“The Democratic Party of Wisconsin says they have candidates on the ballot for all 16 senate races and 97 of the 99 assembly races. State Chair Ben Wikler says they’ve got candidates from each and every corner of the state: “And on the Democratic side, a group of people who share a set of ideals and convictions and who are ready to work every day to connect with voters face to face, one to one in their in their districts, and communicate everywhere and always about the values that make us proud to be Wisconsinites.”

WQOW: “Dems Celebrate Recruiting Wisconsin Candidates For 2024 Race” 

“Democrats are celebrating what they say is a record number of candidates recruited to run for office for the upcoming Wisconsin state election. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee said in a press release Democrats have recruited candidates in every Senate seat on the ballot for the first time in more than 20 years. The upcoming primary in August and election in November will have new maps. These new maps came as a victory for the Democratic party, which called the former maps drawn in 2011 gerrymandered and unfair.”