Eric Toney Joins Top Supporter Michael Gableman for GOP Fundraiser

Sep 09, 2022

Eric Toney Joins Top Supporter Michael Gableman for GOP Fundraiser

MADISON, Wis. — Tonight, Eric Toney joins disgraced election “investigator” Michael Gableman at an Outagamie County GOP fundraising dinner. Gableman has endorsed Toney’s campaign, gushing that Toney would make “an outstanding Attorney General.”

Eric Toney has been a vocal supporter of Gableman’s sham investigation, which released a widely discredited report urging the Legislature to consider illegally “decertify” the 2020 election. Toney acted on recommendations from this same report and called for the removal of five members of Wisconsin’s bipartisan election commission, something a nonpartisan attorney advising the Legislature deemed to be impossible under the law.

Toney joins Gableman on the campaign trail following Gableman’s firing after burning through more than $1 million in taxpayer dollars conducting a shambolic investigation of the 2020 election that produced little new information of any kind.

“Once again, Eric Toney is siding with extremists obsessed with overturning an election Donald Trump lost fair and square nearly two years ago,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Marnie O’Malley. “As Attorney General Josh Kaul remains focused on fighting crime and building safe, strong communities, Eric Toney’s appearance on the campaign trail with Wisconsin’s leading election conspiracy theorist tells us all we need to know about where his priorities lie.”