WisDems Slam Johnson Over Efforts to Weaken Social Security and Cut Medicare During “Too Extreme GOP” Event

Aug 02, 2022

WisDems Slam Johnson Over Efforts to Weaken Social Security and Cut Medicare During “Too Extreme GOP” Event

MADISON, Wis. – Today, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Rep. Chris Sinicki, and Social Security recipient John Drew held a press conference in front of Ron Johnson’s office, calling him out for undermining vital programs like Social Security and Medicare. The event is part of a national “Too Extreme GOP” push to mobilize voters and hold Republicans accountable for their extreme, ultra-MAGA agenda ahead of the midterm elections.

Johnson has called Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme,” even going so far as to suggest raising the retirement age, and supported legislation that would cut funding for programs like Social Security 

In addition, Johnson has continuously voted for legislation that would undercut Medicare. If Johnson had gotten his way, Medicare would be substantially weakened and seniors would face higher out of pocket costs. 

Watch the full event here and see what the speakers had to say, in part, below.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore: “Social Security and Medicare are parts of the safety net that has kept us from having seniors and disabled people live in poverty and enable them to live with dignity. Just this past week, the Democrats in Congress put forth a bill to reduce the cost of pharmaceutical drugs. This is the difference between Democrats and people like Ron Johnson…. Ron Johnson and the Republicans want to put Social Security and Medicare on a dying vine.”

Rep. Chris Sinicki: “We need to hold Ron Johnson and the GOP accountable for taking away our rights and attacking our freedoms…. I’m looking at retirement in the next maybe five or six years and when somebody starts working they immediately start paying in [their] own hard-earned money into Social Security. It’s money that throughout our lives we know is going to be there and we depend on it…This is our money and you [Ron Johnson] need to stay away from it…What does he care? This guy doesn’t need Social Security, he doesn’t need Medicare…It is time to send him into retirement.”

Social Security Recipient John Drew: “Ron Johnson has called Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme,’ which is a dangerous lie – it only serves to cause fear and doubt in older Americans. He has said benefit cuts should be on the table. We paid into Social Security for decades, so we can have a modest income in retirement. Johnson, who has complained about only doubling his multi million dollar fortune since joining the Senate, doesn’t have a clue how regular people live.”