Like Trump, Derrick Van Orden Supports Full ACA Repeal

Nov 28, 2023

Like Trump, Derrick Van Orden Supports Full ACA Repeal

MADISON, Wis.Donald Trump isn’t the only one eager to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act. Just like Trump, Van Orden has long campaigned on repealing the ACA, which has enabled hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites to obtain affordable health care coverage.

Here’s a quick reminder of Derrick Van Orden’s attacks on affordable health care:

“Donald Trump and Derrick Van Orden are running on an agenda to make America sicker—with Trump now doubling down on his push to terminate the Affordable Care Act that has provided Wisconsinites with lifesaving health care for over a decade,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund. “Trump and Van Orden’s vision for Wisconsin is to kick people off their insurance, skyrocket health care costs, and roll back President Biden’s work to make prescription drugs more affordable. While Republicans continue trying to gut lifesaving policies, Senator Baldwin and President Biden are fighting to make health care more affordable and accessible for Wisconsinites and all Americans.”