ICYMI: US Weekly: ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Cast Trolls Wisconsin Senate Candidate Who Lives in California

Feb 22, 2024

ICYMI: US Weekly: ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Cast Trolls Wisconsin Senate Candidate Who Lives in California

MADISON, Wis. — After Wisconsin Democrats released a video from cast members of the Real Housewives of Orange County saying how much they miss their Orange County neighbor, California bank owner Eric Hovde, the three time winner of Orange County’s most influentialUS Weekly, a magazine which reaches more than 40 million readers each month, covered the video and Hovde’s significant ties to the state of California.

The video has gone viral with more than 400,000 views on X. Watch the video here.

US Weekly: ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Cast Trolls Wisconsin Senate Candidate Who Lives in California
By: Kaitlin Simpson

  • Vicki Gunvalson, Gina Kirschenheiter and Alexis Bellino have a special message for Eric Hovde, who is running for Senate in Wisconsin, despite living in California off-and-on.

  • “Happy National California Day, @EricHovde!” the Wisconsin Democrats group wrote via X on Thursday, February 22, alongside a video that featured Cameo calls from the Real Housewives of Orange County stars. “If you’re feeling a little homesick today, don’t worry — we have a special message from a few of your neighbors in Orange County.”

  • The message continued: “California misses you already, but they know you’ll be back very soon. Home sweet home!”

  • The clip begins with Gunvalson, 61, saying hello to Hovde and introducing herself as the “OG” of the Orange County Housewives while Kirschenheiter, 39, refers to Hovde as her neighbor since has a home in Laguna Beach, per NBC News.

  • “You’re leaving [Orange County] for a work adventure in Wisconsin for a year!” Gunvalson said in the video.

  • Bellino, 47, jumped in to let Hovde know that all of his “friends in O.C.” are wishing him well for his “new endeavor happening in Wisconsin.” While Kirschenheiter quipped that relocating to Wisconsin was “a really big change from Orange County.”

  • “I’m from the Midwest. Love Wisconsin,” Gunvalson said. “But you’re leaving now, it’s going to get really cold there.”

  • Kirschenheiter teased that she could not wait for Hovde to come home and be reunited with his friends. Bellino also shared that she hopes the businessman has the “best first week.”

  • “I will miss you so much here in California, and they can’t wait for you to come back. So be back safe,” Gunvalson shared. “Enjoy your journey! Now hurry up! And don’t forget to whoop it up while you’re in Wisconsin. Have some cheese curds.”

  • The clip ended with a banner saying “Hovde For California” with the background of a beachy landscape in Southern California.

  • Hovde, who is the CEO of Sunwest Bank, officially launched his Senate campaign on Tuesday, February 20. The Republican is running against Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin.

  • Since announcing his candidacy in Wisconsin, local organizers have spoken out against Hovde and have called out his ties to the Golden State (and lack of ties to the Cheese State). In 2018, the entrepreneur was dubbed as one of Orange County’s most influential people.

  • “California bank owner Eric Hovde is running for Senate to impose his self-serving agenda, putting ultra rich people like himself ahead of middle-class Wisconsinites,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin rapid response director Arik Wolk said in a statement on Tuesday. “California Hovde’s self-serving agenda and attacks on Wisconsinites’ freedoms are exactly why Wisconsinites will reject him and send him back to his $7 million California mansion.”