WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Wisconsinites Ready to Retire Ron Johnson

Sep 21, 2022

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Wisconsinites Ready to Retire Ron Johnson

“I cannot imagine returning Ron Johnson to the U.S. Senate, given recent votes and statements he’s made — all of which demonstrate his disregard for the well-being of Wisconsin citizens.”

MADISON, Wis. — Across the state, Wisconsinites are tired of Ron Johnson’s out-of-touch and self-serving agenda and are ready to vote him out. From wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare, to supporting outsourcing jobs, and championing a federal abortion ban, Ron Johnson’s agenda is wrong for Wisconsin.

  • Deborah Wyatt, La Crosse: “Sen. Ron Johnson has proposed removing the guarantee of Social Security and Medicare funding, which would put the basic income for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites at risk…The income that millions of Americans depend on would no longer be assured. People’s livelihoods would become part of the annual budget battles in Washington DC, where Social Security could be cut or even completely eliminated without warning.”
  • Pat Nash, Baraboo: “It’s been widely reported that, to solve the problem, he’s proposed that seniors get out of retirement and go back to work. That’s in addition to his vote in 2013, for a budget proposal that included raising the age to receive Social Security from 65 to 70. Just because he’s rich and doesn’t need Social Security, he apparently feels other seniors don’t, either and that they’re all able to work full-time until they’re 70. Talk about being out of touch.”
  • Billy Feitlinger, Madison: “In his 12 years in office, Johnson’s major legislative achievement was his withholding his support of the 2017 Trump tax cut until congressional Republicans supported his amendment to add an additional tax cut, which benefitted himself and other wealthy business owners. He makes this his priority rather than average Wisconsinites.”
  • Michelle Hilt, Janesville: “During [Johnson’s time in the Senate], not only has he praised outsourcing jobs overseas, he actually voted to give corporations that ship jobs overseas a massive tax break—a vote that disgusted workers like me. He’s even said that he wouldn’t try to get Wisconsin’s own Oshkosh Corporation, which happens to be a big donor to Johnson’s campaign, to keep jobs in Wisconsin.”
  • Barbara Arnst, New Richmond, “With the SCOTUS decision on overturning Roe, we are going back in time.  Given the news, the 1849 Wisconsin law that bans abortions and threatens doctors with prison sentences can now be enforced.I am disgusted that Ron Johnson has cheered on this outcome as he’s clamored on about letting the states decide what medical decisions a person is allowed to make.  Frankly, neither he nor anyone else in government should be allowed to interfere with a patient and their doctor.”
  • Sherri Diamon, Onalaska: “Johnson has never supported the average worker; his focus has been on securing tax breaks for the very wealthy, including himself. According to a review of campaign finance records provided to UpNorthNews, Johnson has received $77,400 over the years from people and firms engaged in outsourcing work to other states and countries.”
  • Denise Beckfield, Verona: “I cannot imagine returning Ron Johnson to the U.S. Senate, given recent votes and statements he’s made — all of which demonstrate his disregard for the well-being of Wisconsin citizens.”
  • Richard Hildreth, Cottage Grove: “Not only has the GOP done nothing for the less-than-millionaires, but they’ve also blocked (or tried to block) everything that would help the rest of us. Additionally, they are hell-bent on taking away what we already have: bodily autonomy, the rights to vote, to marry whom we choose, to birth control, to clean air and water, to be Black or LGBTQ — even to have a livable earth to leave to future generations.”
  • Howard Landsman, Madison: “Politicians such as Johnson, who call climate change “bulls–t,” urge expanded fossil fuel production and consistently oppose climate action legislation, are putting Earth’s future habitability at great risk.”
  • Nancy Stencil, Wausau: “Ron Johnson has done nothing in 12 years in office to curb gun violence, and his opposition to gun regulation has made things worse. He couldn’t even support the modest bipartisan gun bill that recently passed Congress.”
  • Carol Skinner, Houlton: “When Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany unleash campaign ads featuring anti-immigrant themes, know that most of what is in them isn’t true. Johnson and Tiffany want to distract voters from their own shameful votes against providing health care to veterans, expanding access for other Americans and working to hold down prescription costs.”