What They’re Saying: Voters Know Johnson’s Record, and Will Vote Against Him in November

Oct 23, 2022

What They’re Saying: Voters Know Johnson’s Record, and Will Vote Against Him in November

“So to all my Republican, Democrat and independent friends, Ron Johnson’s record is dismal.”

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsinites across the state are making it clear they have had enough of Ron Johnson’s out-of-touch and self-serving agenda – and that they will be voting against him in November.

See more below to see what Wisconsinites are saying about Ron Johnson’s dismal record:

Eau Claire: [Ron Johnson’s] Record is dismal 

  • One of my Republican friends recently asked if Sen. Johnson could count on my vote in November? It caused me to think about Johnson’s time in office.
  • Johnson celebrated the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and supports politicians making personal, life-altering, reproductive family decisions.
  • Johnson withheld aid to Ukraine on the eve of Russia’s invasion for purely political reasons.
  • On Jan. 6, 2021, Johnson tried to cancel out millions of Wisconsin voters by delivering a slate of fake illegal delegates to Vice President Pence. On the same day, armed insurgents desecrated our Capitol, injuring and killing Capitol police and attempting to stop the orderly transfer of power from Trump to Biden.
  • Johnson referred to these individuals as being like tourists. Moreover, Johnson claims to support local police, but local police are funded primarily by local and state governments, not the Senate.
  • He opposed Medicare’s right to negotiate drug prices and thinks Medicare and Social Security should be considered discretionary funds subject to annual budget cuts.
  • So to all my Republican, Democrat and independent friends, Ron Johnson’s record is dismal.
  • He should not be in the Senate. Wisconsin deserves better.

Wauwatosa: Ron Johnson can’t be trusted

  • This will be the first time I’ve voted in a U.S. Senate election, and I’m excited to cast my ballot.
  • Here’s the thing: I’m worried about how Ron Johnson’s positions keep changing. I don’t feel I can trust what he says he’ll do.
  • On abortion, I’m concerned about Johnson’s extreme stances, but the way he tries to hide his extreme positions bothers me most. He says on his website,  “I’ve always felt the determination … should be made through the democratic process in each state.” That begs the question: Why did he co-sponsor a version of Lindsay Graham’s federal abortion ban that was introduced in January 2021? Did he change his mind, or is he trying to deceive voters like me?
  • It seems to me that Johnson lied about his position on abortion, and it’s pretty clear he’ll keep making promises he can’t keep or saying things he doesn’t mean just to win in November. His record in the Senate, including voting against reproductive rights and voting for judges that want to ban abortions without exception, shows that I can’t trust him. That’s why I’m voting for Mandela Barnes.

Hudson: Real goal on abortion

  • Ron Johnson’s past position has been to totally ban abortion. Because Republicans running for office are being condemned for their stance on Roe, he now says Wisconsin should have a referendum to determine whether or not abortion should be legal.
  • This is amusing because Gov. Evers called for a legislative session to address this very thing. Legislators gaveled in and gaveled out immediately, refusing a debate. As long as Republicans are in control, Ron Johnson knows that Wisconsinites will never be allowed to vote on this issue, which is his real goal.

Milwaukee: Ron Johnson Turned His Back On Family Famers Like Me

  • Farmers like me have long been the backbone of Wisconsin—bolstering our state’s economy, creating thousands upon thousands of jobs, and providing farm-fresh products to communities in every corner of the state. But in recent years, we’ve lost family farms at a shocking rate, especially here in Wisconsin.
  • Despite what he might claim, Ron Johnson has spent the last twelve years working against small scale farmers, choosing to side with the large agricultural companies driving us out of business.
  • In 2018, Johnson voted against the Farm Bill, which was a lifeline for so many small farms in Wisconsin-this bill helped get many of the tools and support I need to maintain our businesses successfully.
  • In the years since, Johnson has repeatedly voted against lowering costs for working families like mine in favor of enriching himself and his donors. In the last two years alone, Johnson voted against sending out stimulus checks to put money directly into our pockets, he voted against relief for small businesses struggling to keep their doors open during the pandemic, he opposed legislation that expanded access to affordable high-speed internet, and he even blocked efforts to cap the cost of insulin at $35 each month.
  • Yet, during his time as Wisconsin’s senator, Johnson voted for legislation that handed massive tax breaks to him and his wealthiest donors, and he even cut taxes for corporations that ship Wisconsin jobs out of state or overseas.
  • Wisconsinites deserve better than an out-of-touch, self-serving politician like Ron Johnson selling out small businesses and workers to help the rich get richer.
  • That’s why it’s so important that the next U.S. senator that Wisconsin sends to Washington, DC will fight against special interests, large corporations, and the politicians that have left us behind for far too long—someone who will fight to give small and medium-sized farms a fair shot.

Kenosha: Johnson should not be reelected

  • On Jan. 6, 2021, the day of the US Capitol riots, Ron Johnson, through his Chief of Staff Sean Riley, was trying to illegally hand off fake electoral college electors from Wisconsin to then Vice-President Pence. The text messages are now public and Sean Riley tells VP Pence’s legislative director, Chris Hodgson that Ron Johnson is prepared to hand off the fake electors from Wisconsin to the VP.
  • Ron Johnson failed to defend us, the people of Wisconsin and the US Constitution on that day. Don’t listen to the Ron Johnson lies about that day. United States senators take an oath to the US Constitution upon entering office and being reelected. Ron Johnson should not get to take the oath again.

Sturgeon Bay: Marking My Ballot for the Future

  • To me and many others, the choice for Wisconsin’s Senate seat is clear, so I write this not for myself or others who have set their minds on a candidate.
  • I am two years older than Ron Johnson; we are both old, grayed white men whose youth and best times have passed. We are nearer the end of our time than the beginning, or even the middle.
  • In this shortened life where the past is more with me than any visionary future “I,” I see Sen. Johnson draw more and more upon that past for guidance – a past that clearly and heedlessly created a world that no one now seems to want to live in.
  • A world view propped up by heedlessness for others and nature is clearly outdated and useless for the future. More of the same, or doubling down on that reckless vision is most certainly not the remedy. More of Sen. Johnson’s mediocre, skimpy record is not the future.

Genoa: We need to support Democratic candidates

  • Wisconsin voters have seen that Ron Johnson went overseas and endorsed Putin’s words over the words of our intelligence agencies, denied science and endorsed horse medicine for COVID, voted to strip authority of our scientific agencies putting clean water and the environment at risk, advocated making Social Security discretionary or fixing it by tying it to the stock market.
  • He sought to throw out our legitimately cast Wisconsin votes in favor of fake electors in 2020. His weekly votes in the Senate illustrate his extreme rigid and partisan position. He consistently votes in opposition to confirmations and any bills proposed by Democrats, even on bipartisan bills that many or most of his party endorsed. His judgment with our democracy, tax dollars, and national integrity has been wrong.