Older Wisconsinites Blast Ron Johnson, GOP for Threatening Social Security and Medicare Funding

Aug 12, 2022

Older Wisconsinites Blast Ron Johnson, GOP for Threatening Social Security and Medicare Funding

MADISON, Wis. – On Friday, older Wisconsinites from across the state blasted Ron Johnson and his Republican allies for threatening Medicare and Social Security funding after he recently advocated to allow Congress to cut these programs, despite older Wisconsinites paying into programs for decades so they could retire with financial security.

Watch the full event here and see what the participants had to say, in part, below. 

Billy Feitlinger: “I know firsthand how these now retirees, and people like myself, rely on these vital programs. It allows us to pay our bills, our health care costs, our groceries, and – just as important – outings with our grandkids. And I believe it is my responsibility as well as the responsibility of others in Wisconsin who respect and believe seniors should get to retire and live with dignity to speak out against Ron Johnson and his allies who are continuously attacking our Social Security and Medicare […] Re-electing Ron Johnson in 2022 and electing Republican politicians across the country would be a disaster for Wisconsin’s seniors. We cannot let this happen.”

Carolyn Kaiser: “Social Security and Medicare are lifelines for my family and for people across the state and country. To know that Republican Senator Ron Johnson and his cohorts in Congress want to put these programs on the chopping block is heart-breaking and honestly it makes my skin crawl. Every time Ron Johnson and his Republican allies talk, they are serving their greed and their self-serving style and it shines through – and it further reaffirms the fact that Republicans in Congress only care about themselves.”

Kris Sadur: “Instead of working to represent Wisconsin retirees and seniors and the disabled community, Ron Johnson is actively working to undercut programs that we and they rely on. Johnson has spent years working against Wisconsin seniors and is hellbent on tearing it [Social Security] apart and all our hard-earned retirement benefits. It’s clear that Ron Johnson does not care about Wisconsin seniors and wants to leave them hung out to dry … [Johnson] is a self-serving multi-millionaire trying to take away programs that help people with their health care and livelihood. It’s frankly a disgrace and this November, we must hold him accountable.”

Nancy Stencil: “I worry about what another six years of Johnson in the Senate would mean for these programs. For years he’s called Social Security a ‘Ponzi scheme,’ he has voted to cut funding for this program as well as Medicare, and even went so far as to say we should raise the retirement age. It must be nice for Senator Johnson to not have to worry about what will happen when he retires, considering he’s already doubled his multi-million dollar fortune since joining the Senate.”

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