Wisconsinites Know Tim Michels Is Radical And Wrong For Wisconsin

Oct 07, 2022

Wisconsinites Know Tim Michels Is Radical And Wrong For Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — Republican candidate for governor Tim Michels has spent months pandering to the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party, staking out the most radical positions on abortion and reproductive health care, sowing doubt in the outcomes of Wisconsin elections, and supporting legislation that would jeopardize the safety of kids in schools. It’s not surprising that a Connecticut-based politician is out of touch with Wisconsin values, and all across Wisconsin, voters are seeing through Tim Michels.

See what they’re saying:

Rick Larson, Monona: “The idea that Tim Michels might become governor in November frightens me. This guy has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. That should tell every voter something about the man. He’s a right-wing tough guy who promises to turn Madison ‘upside down.’ I can only imagine where Michels and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, would take our state if they get the chance….Michels comes across like a bully in the mold of Trump and DeSantis. He seems rather heartless and divisive, and that’s not what Wisconsin needs now or ever.”

Thomas and Cecilia Needham, Oconomowoc: “Pitchforks and torches? Really, Mr Michels? Once again, the Republican Party’s penchant for election season violence rears its very ugly head. This time it’s aimed at the ‘liberal’ media. Whether it’s the failed seditious, violent takeover of our federal government or a response to the disclosure of the fact that among the good causes Mr. Michels donates to, there are also a number of extreme right wing radical entities.”

Sherry Reames, Madison: “The scare-mongering about parole by the Tim Michels for governor campaign is wrong on so many levels. As the Sept. 20 State Journal story ‘Michels challenges Evers to stop paroles’ says, the potential parolees in question were all convicted before 2000 — more than 20 years ago…. Keeping them locked up indefinitely, as Michels seems to be proposing, would be immoral and probably illegal, and it would also be a great waste of taxpayer money. If we really want to promote public safety, we should be trying to keep today’s kids out of trouble, not redoubling the punishment of long-ago crimes.”

Kurt Wilkens, Green Lake: “When I see the number of yard signs for Michels for governor I wonder how many people are supporting the Republican Party candidate because of his party affiliation or his personal values….He claims to be an outsider, and his experience in business qualifies him to lead Wisconsin’s government. There are two problems with his logic. First, the government is not a business, it’s a service and should be managed as such. Secondly, he is not a self- made billionaire; he inherited a billion dollar business. Look at a candidate’s values and if he will protect or intrude on your personal rights.”

Bob Topel, Madison: “Gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels begins many of his political ads by pointing to his successful career as a businessman and lack of experience in politics. While his business success is laudable, his lack of experience in government does not speak well to his qualifications to be our state’s highest elected officer.”

Virgil Parker, Janesville: “I have been following Tim Michels who is running for governor. Did you know he has not lived in Wisconsin for the last 10 years? Just as he announced his candidacy bought a house in our state even though he lied and stated he was a resident of Wisconsin all the time….He also fought any and all bans on assault weapons and has made several comments about people being ready for attacking in a mob like fashion with pitchforks and torches. He is against all same sex marriages and would send our laws of equality for women and the LGBTQ community to the trash.”

Jim Youngerman, Madison: “Tim Michels presents himself as a blue-collar outsider with middle-class Wisconsin values. In fact, Michels is a mega-millionaire with a lifestyle that bears no resemblance to the image he seeks to project….Tony Evers, not Tim Michels, exemplifies the middle-class values Wisconsin voters admire. Gov. Evers deserves our support in November.”