Democratic Party Of Wisconsin Endorses Judge Janet Protasiewicz

Feb 21, 2023

Democratic Party Of Wisconsin Endorses Judge Janet Protasiewicz

MADISON, Wis. — Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement announcing the endorsement of Judge Janet Protasiewicz for Wisconsin Supreme Court:

“In a race that will determine the future of democracy in Wisconsin and decide the very nature of freedom for generations of Wisconsinites, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is proud to endorse Judge Janet Protasiewicz, a veteran prosecutor, community leader and a lifelong advocate for victims of crime. On the Supreme Court, Judge Janet will put Wisconsin common sense and the law above extreme MAGA politics and special interests.

“This election will determine whether the Supreme Court gives a fair hearing to cases involving the freedom to access a safe and legal abortion, the constitutionality of rigged legislative districts, and profound questions around voting rights and democracy. On each of these issues and many others, Judge Janet would ensure that litigants and their arguments are given fair and impartial consideration, rather than dismissed in order to advance the ultra-MAGA agenda of Wisconsin’s Republican Party.

“The primary campaign that concluded tonight demonstrated the vast contrast between Wisconsin’s progressive values and the extreme agenda of the far right. We’re grateful to both Judge Janet and Judge Everett Mitchell for running campaigns that reflected a commitment to our laws and the issues that matter.

“Judge Janet was raised in a working-class family, and worked her way through law school before serving for more than 25 years as a criminal prosecutor in Milwaukee. Through her work as a prosecutor and her service of nearly a decade as a circuit court judge, Judge Janet’s values have remained steadfast: a commitment to fairness and the rule of law, a profound respect for the dignity of working people, and a deep love for Wisconsin. We’re honored to endorse Judge Janet’s campaign for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and look forward to the work ahead to ensure victory on April 4th.”