Wisconsin Democrats Honor Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May 01, 2023

Wisconsin Democrats Honor Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

MADISON, Wis. — In honor of the first day of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Democratic Party of Wisconsin AAPI Caucus Co-Chairs Caitlin Lee and Angela Jenkins and WisDems Chair Ben Wikler released the following statements:

AAPI Caucus Co-Chair Caitlin Lee:

“Today, on the first day of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we come together to celebrate the diversity of Wisconsin’s AAPI communities, cultures, and history.

“There is no one story which encompasses the history of the AAPI community, but nor should there be. AAPI heritage is rooted in our cultures and traditions, and in the history that spans across countries and generations. To whittle down our past to a point would be a disservice to the vast array of cultures and experiences represented in our Wisconsin AAPI community.

“This month, and every month, we take pride in our diversity, because we know it is our range of experiences and histories which make us strong.”

AAPI Caucus Co-Chair Angela Jenkins

“This Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are proud to honor not only the vibrant cultures that comprise the AAPI community nationwide, but also the countless AAPI leaders and advocates from around Wisconsin who are moving our state forward.

“We are grateful for the leadership of our AAPI officials across the state, from local leaders like Dane County Supervisor Brenda Yang and Milwaukee Public School District Director Jilly Gokalgandhi to Attorney General Josh Kaul and State Representative Francesca Hong, who is the first Asian American state legislator in Wisconsin history. It is because of their tireless advocacy that our communities have made such significant progress in recent years.

“Yet, while we celebrate how far AAPI Wisconsinites have come, we recognize that our progress is incomplete. We must continue to organize against AAPI hate so that Wisconsin is a safe and welcoming home for our AAPI community members.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler:

“This May, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is proud to honor Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and to join members of our vibrant AAPI community in celebration of their many histories.

“For too long, many of the strands of history of our country and state’s AAPI communities have gone untold. Wisconsin is the proud home to the third largest population of Hmong Americans of any state, with a growing population of Asian Americans with roots in enormously diverse cultures and nations—all of whom are deserving of recognition.. It is past time for Wisconsin Legislative Republicans to pass Rep. Francesca Hong’s bill requiring schools across Wisconsin to teach Hmong American and Asian American history—and there is no better time to pass this bill than during AAPI Heritage Month.

“I’m also honored to celebrate the work of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s AAPI Caucus and our AAPI partners in elected office and AAPI-led organizations in all regions of Wisconsin, a network of leaders that work every day to make Wisconsin a better, more just, and more inclusive place for all.”