WisDems Launch Digital Ads in Green Bay Ahead of Michels-DeSantis Rally

Sep 18, 2022

WisDems Launch Digital Ads in Green Bay Ahead of Michels-DeSantis Rally

MADISON, Wis. — Today, ahead of the world’s worst tailgate, the Wisconsin Democratic Party is launching ads in the Green Bay region slamming Tim Michels for holding a rally alongside his fellow radical politician, Ron DeSantis. Of course these two out-of-staters didn’t realize that it’s in bad form to hold an event just before a Packers game — a real Cheesehead would know how rude that is.

View the digital ads below:

Michels doesn’t live in Wisconsin full-time, and has spent the last decade living part time at multimillion-dollar homes in Connecticut and New York. His kids even went to private school in Manhattan and Connecticut, so it’s no surprise Michels is so radical and out of touch with our state.

Michels holds extreme views on abortion and has said the 1849 abortion ban that doesn’t include exceptions for rape or incest is “an exact mirror” of his position. He’s even said “I’m not gonna soften my stance on abortion” and vowed to hold onto his radical views “until the bitter end.” Michels has also said he wants to defund public schools and said he would consider abolishing the state Department of Public Instruction, calling continued funding for public education “the definition of insanity.”

“People from Connecticut just don’t understand the unwritten rules of the Midwest — cows are happiest in Wisconsin, Fridays are for Fish Frys, and most importantly, never schedule an event right before the Packers game,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Courtney Beyer. “Tim Michels hasn’t lived here in a decade and it shows. From his radical views on abortion and education to his endorsements from divisive politicians like Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, Michels is wrong for Wisconsin.”