Wisconsin Democrats Launch EricHovdeDoesntLikeYou.com Website Ahead of RPW Convention

May 17, 2024

Wisconsin Democrats Launch EricHovdeDoesntLikeYou.com Website Ahead of RPW Convention

A mobile billboard will drive around the convention in Appleton directing attendees to the website

MADISON, Wis. — Ahead of the Republican Party of Wisconsin convention in Appleton this weekend, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin plans to highlight Eric Hovde’s long list of disparaging comments about Wisconsinites. 

EricHovdeDoesntLikeYou.com lays out in Eric Hovde’s own words exactly how much the megamillionaire California bank owner looks down on hard-working Wisconsinites. Additionally, a mobile billboard truck will drive around Appleton during the convention and direct attendees to the website.

“Eric Hovde has made it clear in his own words that he lacks respect for the challenges Wisconsinites and their families face. We’re making sure every Wisconsin voter knows exactly what Eric Hovde thinks about them,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Arik Wolk.

Click here for EricHovdeDoesntLikeYou.com

See below for the featured comments from Eric Hovde on what he thinks about Wisconsinites:

  • People struggling with their weight – Hovde said people struggling with their weight should face the “consequence” of paying more for their healthcare.

  • Seniors – Hovde said that people in nursing homes should not be allowed to vote because he believes “they only have 5-6 months” to live.

  • Single parents – Hovde said that he believes single parents lack morals and ethics and kids with single moms are “on a direct path to a life of poverty”

  • Farmers – Hovde insulted farmers, saying they don’t work hard anymore and “largely drive around a tractor”

  • Women – Hovde said that he thinks “females spend too much time” focused on “what’s going on in Hollywood”