Wisconsin Democrats on State GOP Convention

Jun 16, 2023

Wisconsin Democrats on State GOP Convention

MADISON, Wis. — Ahead of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s state convention convening in La Crosse this weekend, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler issued the following statement:

“The biggest story from the Republican convention this weekend will be the thing that didn’t happen: the Wisconsin GOP, dominated by MAGA extremism and divided against itself, still has yet to dredge up a single candidate willing to take on Senator Tammy Baldwin. Months after Dan Kelly’s campaign went down in flames, it’s clear Wisconsin Republicans still have no answers for addressing the anti-abortion extremism that has rendered them toxic with voters.

“Senator Baldwin has a dynamite record of working hard for Wisconsin, and the state GOP’s only response seems to be finding new ways to blow itself up. The Wisconsin GOP’s embarrassingly weak hypothetical field consists of California millionaire Eric Hovde, ultra-MAGA Tom Tiffany, disgraced former Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke, and Scott Mayer—who has said that he doesn’t ‘have anything negative to say about Sen. Baldwin.’ That David Clarke is somehow the frontrunner in this race tells you all you need to know about the extremism that will be put on full display this weekend in La Crosse.”