Wisconsin Democrats on Donald Trump’s National Abortion Ban

Feb 16, 2024

Wisconsin Democrats on Donald Trump’s National Abortion Ban

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump plans to pass a national abortion ban if elected in November. In response, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Haley McCoy released the following statement:

“Overturning Roe v. Wade and ripping away reproductive freedom from millions of Americans apparently wasn’t good enough for Donald Trump, who wants to take his restrictive anti-abortion agenda a step further and ban abortion nationwide. Already, millions of people can’t access essential reproductive care, and more are turned away every day by doctors who fear persecution for providing basic care—and it’s all because of Trump. Donald Trump bragged about overturning Roe, he’s called for punishment for women who get abortions, and now he’s trying to pass a national abortion ban to further restrict our rights because he hasn’t gotten the hint. In election after election, in Wisconsin and across the country, voters have gone to the ballot box to defend their reproductive freedoms and to reject the extreme MAGA Republicans who would take them away. This November will be no different. Wisconsinites will remember that it was Donald Trump who took away their rights, and it’s President Biden and Vice President Harris who are fighting to restore them.”

Here’s a reminder of the dire stakes for reproductive freedom this November:

  • Today, more than 1 in 3 women of reproductive age live under an abortion ban.
  • A majority of states with abortion bans include no exceptions for rape or incest.
  • Women are being turned away from emergency rooms when they seek care—including one Wisconsin woman who was sent home to bleed for 10 days because her doctors didn’t feel they were legally allowed to step in to save her life.
  • Doctors can be prosecuted for providing abortion care, and in some states physicians could face life in prison.
  • An existing shortage of qualified OB-GYNs is being made worse as medical schools in states with abortion bans struggle to attract students. Already, 27 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have no OB-GYNs to deliver babies or provide reproductive health care.