Wisconsin Democrats United To Re-Elect Governor Evers

Aug 10, 2022

Wisconsin Democrats United To Re-Elect Governor Evers

Madison, Wis. – The general election has begun and Wisconsin Democrats are excited to re-elect Governor Tony Evers.

Tim Michels is too radical for Wisconsin. They support a near total ban on abortion including in cases of rape and incest, a complete overhaul of elections that threatens the right to vote, dangerous laws that would reduce public safety, and they want to defund public education. These radical policies are meant to pander to the extreme right and don’t provide real solutions to Wisconsin families and businesses.

Not only has Gov. Evers acted as the last line of defense against radical Republican legislation, but he has also worked to do the right thing for Wisconsin.

  • Gov. Evers has supported Wisconsin’s small businesses. Through the Main Street Bounceback program, Gov. Evers has supported over 5,200 small businesses on Main Streets across Wisconsin. As a portion of aid received from the federal government, Wisconsin has ranked #1 in economic relief directed to businesses, and Gov. Evers cut taxes for small businesses by nearly half a billion dollars.

  • Gov. Evers has made historic investments in Wisconsin public schools and universities. Today, Wisconsin schools are ranked in the top ten in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report.

  • Gov. Evers has put $150 million into programs to help fill jobs in Wisconsin. Some of those funds have gone to local communities to find solutions to regional workforce problems, this could be anything from expanding child care to expanding affordable housing, whatever the community needs to address workforce issues.

  • Gov. Evers is fixing the damn roads. So far, Gov. Evers has fixed nearly 5,000 miles of roads and nearly 1,500 bridges. Addressing critical infrastructure issues helps all Wisconsinites. It connects communities and makes a more robust economy.

  • Gov. Evers is addressing rising costs. Gov. Evers cut taxes by 15% for most Wisconsinites, one of the largest tax cuts in Wisconsin history.

“Wisconsinites are excited to re-elect Governor Evers and support the entire Democratic ticket. They know that a vote for Tim Michels will only bring more division to our state,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “Gov. Evers will always do the right thing for Wisconsin.”