Wisconsin Can’t Trust Extreme, Right-Wing Brad Schimel

Jun 10, 2024

Wisconsin Can’t Trust Extreme, Right-Wing Brad Schimel

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Judge Susan Crawford announced her campaign for Wisconsin Supreme Court, presenting a clear choice between a pro-democracy candidate committed to looking out for Wisconsinites and upholding the rule of law, and Brad Schimel—an extreme, right-wing politician who has launched attacks on reproductive freedom.

Learn more about extreme, right-wing Brad Schimel at BradSchimel.org

“Extreme, right-wing Brad Schimel was Wisconisn’s worst Attorney General, and we can’t trust him to be a fair and impartial member of Wisconsin’s highest court,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Oslund. “Brad Schimel wasted millions in taxpayer dollars to launch attacks on reproductive freedom, all while allowing violent offenders to walk free thanks to his bungling mismanagement of sexual assault kit testing. Four years of Brad Schimel as Attorney General was more than enough—we cannot afford to give him ten years to force his extreme agenda on Wisconsin.”

As Wisconsin’s worst Attorney General, Brad Schimel used his power to force his own dangerous agenda on Wisconsinites, all while failing to keep Wisconsinites safe: